Fantasy LCS

Join my fantasy LCS league, you fucks.

actually don’t. unless you really want to… then ask

100$ on TSM winning everything.

You’re gonna lose $100.

it’s 2014 and people still put the $ on the wrong side >_<

Which year it is has nothing to do with this.

that time of year again huh
I wonder if Cloud 9 will do better this year :L

I wanna see how LMQ will do in LCS

doesn’t matter, TSM is going to pwn.

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&#3232;&#860; &#3232; 

tsm vs cloud9 is about to start.

cloud9 gonna get wrecked.

TSM played so scared the whole games. Didn’t do anything. RIP

fuck me! who do i owe money?

Me, but I don’t want it. Amazing was banned out and had to take weak jungler. Shit happens.

pm me for my paypal info

I don’t think you were in on this.