fedex smartpost


im disappoint[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]its a very sensitive package and i want it here unharmed and silently delivered to me alone god dammit

poor guy who receives that mail/box is going to be surprised when he opens it… if they aren’t honest.

i think it just has to go to Georgia first is what gllt is saying

yeah it has to go to georgia first
even though IT DOESNT HAVE TO GO TO GEORGIA FIRST it has to go to georgia first
it just left georgia

that route goes right by my house. ill tell them the situation when i see em.

yes tell them i want my ******** **** now

it’s a dildo adult video isn’t it…

its definitely what you strike out’d

if I didn’t want it there I would’ve


I always laughed at stuff like this when I worked for UPS. I also threw up a little when I thought of gllt and a dildo.


So it’s a dog penis.

Sort of. It’s semi-humanized.

Just buy a dog. They’ll never suspect a thing!

the dog might suspect something

they’ll never hear the dog scream.

oh damn that was more morbid than I intended.

But I’m not a zoophile. And even if I was, I wouldn’t bone the dog, so it’d hardly be screaming.

It just occurred to me, have gllt ever spoken about graal on these forums? If so, how long ago was that? lol