Ferrenvale: A New Idea.

xx1. Locations
xx2. Armament
xx3. Magic
xx4. Systems
xx5. Key Players


Ferrenvale, a land of Medieval Magic and Dramatis.
Lush landscapes and scenic villages dot the map in this land.
Great castles, towns and cities encourage social interaction and trade amongst players.
Traverse great rivers and oceans by ship and journey to other continents to take in the diversified cultures.

xx1. The Lands of Ferrenvale.
Ferrenvale is divided into two distinct territories, with smaller, seperate kingdoms surrounding.

*I. Northern Continent - Ne'Valis - General Alignment, Good.
II. Southern Continent - Drezin - General Alignment, Evil.

Outlying Kingdoms:
III. Jerr'nik
IV. Tav'isinel
V. Aldune
VI. Daedric
VII. Mordech

    • Area of Concentration while the game is in development. Expansion into the other areas will take place as interest in the server grows.

xx2. Weapons, Armor and Assorted Gear in Ferrenvale.

I. The trusty sword.*
a. Choose from one of dozens of standard designs, or submit/upload your own.
b. Name the weapon, and add depth and character to your trusty companion.
c. Modify attributes of the weapon with a magical forging system.

II. Shield.*
a. An equipable item, invokes a keystroke to block swords, creating a more dynamic fencing system.
b. Customizable from many standard designs, submit/upload your own.
c. Forge new protections into your shield using the magic enhancement forging system.

III. Hand to Hand Combat.*
a. Relatively self-explanatory.

IV. The Bomb.*
a. Renamed to “Powder Keg,” the new bomb looks more acceptable in a fantasy setting than the previously ripped off “round bomb” style.

V. The Bow.*
a. Intention; Allowing an arrow to be 'nocked' and ready to let fly. Allowing for some strafing, making precision shots a possibility.
b. Arrows with different attributes (pitched-tipped for fire, etc.) will be hidden throughout the world, either for purchase or for the finding.
c. Eventually take up a trade to string and build bows, whittle arrows, either for profit or personal use.

VI. Bracers of Strength.
a. Allows to lift objects larger than stones. Big Boulders.
b. These bracers can be augmented, to the point of lifting up to houses at it's highest potential.
c. Add appropriate damage to Hand to Hand, correllated to the level of the bracers.

I need some help. There are to be more items, and what not, as development progresses, but I can barely code.

What I'm looking for, is a designer who can create complex npcs that affect other NPCs.

With Ferrenvale, I'm looking to bring a touch of Dungeons and Dragons style levelling and grinding to the Graal world, and definitely encourage player interactivity.

AIM => PlatinumQuits
360GamerTag => Kinneroth
NickonGraal=> Draak.

I basically, at the moment, just need a NAT or two.

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