Few Questions


What was that client I saw a couple months ago? Does it have an ETA? Should I be thinking about making anything cool? Why do some people not realize to live with peace and be happy as a normal idea and do the opposite and wonder why they’re not happy.

Does anyone have anything cool going on?

Prob shouldn’t be too loud right. Is there a current focus of efforts? That’s usually been my main question with the whole thing. I don’t really have much interest in gaming communities other than my ties here, which imo everyone is cool pretty much… nothin against anyone here.

What’s everyones thoughts


just kidding


I don’t think people even pay much attention to the forums now that they’re all on Discord. I’m not sure which client you’re referring to, but mine hasn’t had much activity for several months. The chaos with the site shutdown/changes recently really killed my interest, but it’s slowly returning. Having to see trashy behavior/posts doesn’t really help that. (That’s primarily why I can’t handle being on Discord.)


I’d ask you to define trashy but I get the feeling I really don’t want to know.


Senseless arguing. Stalking of people. Insults. General negativity that isn’t beneficial. It’s very disruptive, even without being involved.


Yeah you’re right Codr. I think we need to put down the past, ban angry people who flame the forums, and put down and drop all ideas of some people who’s names should not be mentioned anymore, and create some clarity of what we got.

Well I don’t have any projects other than work or games I’m interested in so I’m just trying to figure out where I can contribute or what the big picture is.

Going back and forth on what I made: Well I’m sitting on this game I made which I was debating trying to start up a community. It has a treasure trove of stuff. I think I’m going to wrap it up in a few weeks and see about finding players. Wouldn’t be anything public, but my idea was recruiting people into guilds with persistent battles and story line development. So that’s that.

Discord kind of puts me off for the same reason but when I went on there the one time I did it was fine. I kind of just want to get things out in the open and move forward with the idea of starting fresh. We need productivity, and I just think if we keep pushing things forward and we don’t have any problems anymore, and keep the community positive it will work. I’ll do what I can I want to get this working.

The client I was referring to was the circular spar arena screenshot. I’d be on board with anything really. I’d like to develop something that has some detail and have the idea of multiple worlds to work on/with. Can anybody clarify do we have any near term objectives and anything to keep up progress with currently or to build on? I’m going to get something going and I’m in with trying to grow something. I mean this community has a lot to it and if we keep it positive we won’t have any problems.


You might be thinking of SPAR Online.

Discord kind of puts me off

Discord is a forum killer, and I think as much as possible we should be using this forum for things that are not conversations about what we had for breakfast and whatnot. In the event that Discord backfires on us, we wont be able to back up anything, and the search indexing on it makes it impossible to find anything as quickly as on a forum.

Just my two cents.


Maybe he means stuff like:


Oh cool, spar looks ok, I thought that was someones client. Glad to see I still have an idea of where we’re at, I thought we skipped ahead; spar looks a bit archaic compared to what we’re used to as well.

And in regard to things that don’t give value to what is relevant or somehow contribute to the topic… Let’s not just trash everything buddy. I don’t want to put my attention on random nonsense that has nothing to do with gaming. Can we just have like some constructive talk here, and not an anything goes place for venting and ugly images and moody people and whatever else goes on that list.

Say something to be like ah good idea or hey funny or interesting or I’ll have to learn more or he sounds cool. Urza what do you want a pass just because it’s an example of something irrelevant that passes for another dumb thing I saw on a forum. Do something funny urza


Aww, I wanted that upvote too…


Man, I’ve been reading too many old topics in Misc.


Personally I don’t want people to suddenly 180 into goody-two-shoes mode because it would creep me out too much to keep coming here. (And I know how sad everyone would be if I did that. Not.)

I understand (probably more than anyone reading this) what it’s like fishing through the old threads to find obnoxious shitposting laced throughout 90% of the topics. My own objective has always been to stop myself before things start resembling past incidents, but I really don’t care what other people do.

The only thing I want is people to start posting more because seeing my avatar appear consistently in the recent posts really depresses me.

Perhaps I’m asking more than you are though. I can’t get a small group of introverts to talk about things they don’t care about, after all. Looking like an attention whore just because I like interacting with the community sucks.


I just want to clean it up, if it’s just a bunch of random stuff to divert everywhere… I don’t mean be all nice and stuff but if 10 people are positive and one comes in and starts pasting images like the above does it serve a purpose? Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here. I mean all I’m doing here is trying to determine what community is possible. If it’s just anything goes and no point and no topic is relevant, what is this? At this point I’m leaning toward just publish my files and stick to work and life and forget video games, with all the open ended nothing serious doesn’t really matter what anyone does stuff. Does it matter if I publish my game and try and hook it up and get people playing? Does anyone want me to, or what idea should I have of that?

I don’t mean to be the one to make it into a big problem, but there are a lot of things that either need to be addressed or we need to just be liberal in the head and let it all happen and nothing will work its way through all the weight of trolls and weird stuff pervading the notion of community

In other words if serious conversation cannot even be had anywhere, then there’s nothing serious except a handfull of us that are halfway here, right?


On second thought, we had a good thing going at one point, and I think everyone has lost interest as a result of the constant crazy person who lives here that as a rule “shall not be named or brought to mind again” in order to get rid of the problem.

So what about time and letting it come back to life? If no one is actively trying to then it won’t. If no one is really all that interested in anything then what am I doing spending more time on making anything (I don’t have a problem I’m just wondering, it isn’t clear,) and if no one makes anything what’s left other than time to let it come back to life…

My 2 cents, someone clarify. Show of hands? Or something. Fix it, this was cool and we have options


i cant really tell wtf you are talking about, but discourse offers the community to self moderate. if you stick around you will earn extra trust levels which will allow you to edit/delete posts as you see fit.


I’m trying to say hello what is this. Guys sorry maybe I have the wrong idea here. Let me know but I think I’m going to let it go and just forget graal

Looking for signs of life is all, if it isn’t a big deal if I drop my stuff and go that is what I’m getting at. Seems that is what I’m missing… no big deal no one really cares, nothing serious to stay for right? I give up is my point. Like is anything going to come of anything

What’s here? Nothing just me making noise Got it roger that, my bad for the troubles fellows, ya’ll take care and whatever yall think of this I think I have the wrong idea. No problems here, just sayin. Take care graal


I have no idea what you’re talking about, but considering nobody knows who the heck you are there’s really no heartbreak if you leave.

It’s a simple choice really:
Do something, build reputation (even if it’s shitposting like I’ve done over the last 8 years here)

if 10 people are positive and one comes in and starts pasting images like the above does it serve a purpose

Urza isn’t just “somebody” and that’s kind of the point I’m making here. Just do something. You don’t really need permission.

edit: What I’m really trying to say here is, what can you do for your forum? Not the other way around.


Our owner is working on a custom launcher that when logging in will log you into our server, Graal Republic pretty much skipping the server selection part.


Not sure you can avoid the server select screen entirely.


My apologies I was just trying to get stuff out in the open. Does anyone have experience with hexing IP addresses into this thing so I can handle that? That’s the only barrier I have at the moment to a playable game. If so can someone PM me or post if you want to. Thanks