Final Fantasy XIII comes out in March of next year.

While I haven’t been a huge fan of the FF series, I’m very interested in this one and have been reseaching it. What do you guys think of it? Are you planning on get it?

And on a quick note, does anyone know if in this game you can visually see armor/weapons when you equip them? This really irked me in the last game, as I like to be able to see my customization.

FFVXIII seems to be of more interest.

It’s gonna have a nice story, but subpar gameplay. SquareEnix’s final fantasy’s have yet to successfully have both in the same game since 7.

7 was over-hyped when it was in fact bollocks.

Anyone know about the customization though?

The swords may change looks in combat, the costume’s I doubt.

That’s dissapointing=/ But I suppose you have to follow a storyline and you can’t have characters looking extremely different, so it make sense.

lol Which FFXIII? There are 3 differently named games. FFXIII FF Versus XIII and FF sumjapjapname XIII


I don’t read all of the posts. Nor do I fully read the longer ones.

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And I asked because I thought people should know about the other 2. >:O

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Oh come on, it’s the first line in the original post. :expressionless:

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Sorry haha I’ll have to keep it simpler. XP

The one coming out for the Xbox 360/PS3 in March of next year, not Versus=p Although that game also looks cool; is it supposed to be like Dissidia?

It’s a mix of Dirge of Cerebus and Kingdom Hearts

Ohhhh good mix, I’m a huge fan of the KH series! ^^

Anddd just found out it is a PS3 exclusive, which saddens me. =’[

Haha, yes, we get the better.

Anyways, the game came out the 18th with sales hitting 1 million. Though, already japanese critics are wiping their salty balls all over the game.

You’re a taste tester?


Ball licker!

I pretty much lost interest in the Final Fantasy series after FF9. They went way downhill after that. In other words… i’m not really expecting much from the upcoming FF games.

Ok, the main character’s name is Lightning. Another character described as a “young boy” is named Hope. They all live in a sphere called Cacoon. O.o This game is for faeries.