Fighting shills and telling the truth.

Someone at the censored/immature Graalians started a reddit thing to try shilling for GraalOnline.

Despite this going viral/frontpage on reddit the best result was a whopping 79 people online. In comparison I saw 140 people on U.N. back in 2002 and 1000+ on classic in 2000.
People take one look at it, say “gee this is shit I can play/do thousands of other games and things that are really free and are better” and leave after an hour tops and never come back.

People need to understand that nothing remains of Graal except a freemium/payola mobile app to suck money out of the dumbest/lowest people.
No amount of shilling or going viral will bring original/official GraalOnline back especially since Stefan is not with it anymore and Unixmad can’t do anything.
Nobody wants to care or do the work, Stephane Portha/Unixmad just wants to sit back and watch the money come in without actually doing anything himself.

Here is my reddit comment on the thing If it doesn’t show up try logging in and/or viewing not really sure how reddit works and never really cared before and not sure if my comment was/will be censored for some reason or not

Be sure to plus one or upvote my comment or whatever so it will be more likely to be seen.

copy of reddit comment below just in case.

[quote]Reminder that the guy Stefan Knorr aka Bomber who actually founded and coded graal originally known as Zelda Online Java in 1997 was kicked out and had his game stolen from him by dishonest France thief Stephane Portha aka Unixmad in August 2014. Stephane Portha aka Unixmad also engages in SEO Flooding/Spamdexing

and also cybersquatting and domain theft

He also threatens and lies about his former employees and children who played his game including myself. He also ripped off and killed the game Fairyland Europe from the people at Lager. He also threatened people at wikipedia so much the GraalOnline article was deleted in 2006

. He also ripped off the game Abuse from Dave Taylor and tried to sell it as his own game for a profit in 2009

. It goes on and on… Stephane Portha aka Unixmad is a dishonest criminal and thief and should be exposed and avoided, not helped. If you want to help anyone try helping Stefan Knorr get his game and IP back from the France thief Portha.[/quote]

“there doesn’t seem to be anything here”

Despite that being Graal in a nutshell, it’s what the link to your reddit comment gave me

It gives me that too when I’m logged out but when I log in it appears. not sure what the deal is, it hasn’t really been long enough to be noticed and censored. it has no bad words/cuss words in it and it does not violate any rules. It is an informative and on topic post making people privy to facts. There is no reason it would be censored or deleted. Also I got no message or notice that it was deleted or wrong and it appears as normal when I am logged in.

comment is likely shadow banned

Reddit is complete shit, its a total hivemind circlejerk and also its filled with corrupt mods

Seems that it was shadowed for some/no reason. but thanks to the guy that reposted it and was not :slight_smile:

yeah, I used my account to see if they’d shadow it and they didn’t
maybe it just auto-shadowed yours because your account has low comment karma (I have like 2000 despite hating Reddit)

I loved graal back in the day. But no amount of begging people to come play is going to bring it back. Too many things have happened, and too much time has passed for something like Graal, or even GR, to catch more than a niche crowd’s eye. When there’s a ton of other mmo’s that do everything graal does and more, there’s no real connection to it for anyone trying it out the first time. Sure, us oldies played back during its prime, and we’ll always have nostalgia goggles for it, but graal will never gain back the following it once had.

Also… I love reddit. To be successful at reddit, you need to basically get rid of all of the default subreddits, and find your own niches. The default subs, like /r/gaming, are complete shit.

The main reason I liked graal was the sandbox feeling. If unixmad quit charging a fortune to run a server then I bet it would attract a huge crowd.

imagine if Minecraft kids had to pay $40 for a server lol

Isn’t that what Minecraft Realms is?

wait what’s Minecraft Realms? What?

I like that on the reddit thread someone linked to GOATSE’s thread about Stephane’s involvment with mtgox.

I still strongly believe that either Stephane, Gay Bouchery “yes that’s a real name”, or other french people or a combination had something to do with the MtGox theft. Right now i’m placing the odds at 80% that it was done by a french person/people.

I suspected this immediately back in early 2013 “MtGox was still open at this time and not yet shut down” because of the past falling out with Mark Karpeles and Stephane Portha and the frivolous lawsuit, attacks and harassment that was done by Stephane to Mark of which I knew all were completely false namely because of documents/proof Mark sent to me in 2004 over IRC over the whole FF.ST/Nezumi issue. Mark is innocent of the lies Stephane made against him for sure.

Though it’s still a possibility, I doubt MagicalTux “Mark Karpeles” had anything to do with the main big fraud.

I pay attention and remember things such as the multiple DDOS attacks and activities done to MtGox from 2011 to 2013 that came from server farms at OVH SAS a French ISP/Server farm with a big reputation for criminal activities and attacks.

There is no hard proof to any one person at this time, but a lot of circumstantial stuff. If someone really has some spare time “The Willy Report” is an interesting thing to look into about that.

When things go missing and there is a dishonest thief around it, naturally i suspect the dishonest thief “Stephane” over the slightly more friendly and honest guy “Mark” that would actually talk to me about it and show me things.

Oh well I mean for Minecraft you can still host servers via IP without having someone do it for you and stuff right? Graal never had that until Reborn is what I mean (unless it did and I’m forgetting)

Just saying.

Yeah I get it. It was a oversight in the comparison, but my point was that Minecraft could’ve easily fallen into the same pit Graal did. They really cut off both their feet with their methods of P2P. (though Minecraft came way later in the online payment market, so they had a lot of examples of what not to do)

Graal could probably make a lot more money that it does provided Unixmad had some insight to actually understand how payment systems in games work out, but I’m sure he already makes far more than he deserves.

not really a surprise, but it seems that Stephane Portha had a blog that merely posted about his cybersquatting, seo flooding and spamdexing deleted.

Geee if it is “harassment” maybe you should stop flooding SERPs with trashy spam links with your name in them Frenchie buddy! Make no mistake, myself and the dozens of others have not stopped telling the truth about him before, and we won’t ever.

If Stephane reads this forum which it appears he does here’s some advice for him, “if you don’t want your bad acts being talked about publicly, then stop doing bad things.” you can’t censor everything all the time even if you spent every second awake trying, google is easy to send false take down notices to, everywhere else is not, it would be easier and better to just not be a scummy person. What’s so hard about that? The dumb iphone and facebook kids will still send you just as much if not more money if you don’t treat them badly and ban them for false reasons.

Want to see the link farming/spamdexing and overall SERP flooding and abuse Stephane Portha is doing? then search for stephane portha trayton group on google or any other search engine to see the garbage Stephane Portha has made to try hiding bad things about him.

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Also nothing new here, but any criticism, in fact anyone who refuses to give only positive 5 star reviews about Graal including paying customers gets permanently banned, threatened and attacked. as evidenced at

[quote]Hey guys,
I was recently banned for 300 hours for having in my profile “give Graal one star if you’re tired of server lag” they deemed this “inappropriate behavior”. A couple days later a thread titled “give graal one star” on here which is independent from the game was deleted and my ban was increased to 2500 hours. Whether you agree with my criticism of Graal or not these staff and owners continue to violate our rights especially our freedom of speech. Products every day are criticized, reviewed, and tested resulting in both positive and negative feedback without retaliation or punishment. So why Graal? Why are these staff and owners so insecure with their game? Why are dishing out ludacris bans against people who speak out about the game. I never forced anyone to write or rate the game poorly. If they were experiencing lag or delay I simply reminded them if you’re not happy with the product that rating and reviewing might grab their attention. I wanted to share this because I see it as a gross injustice and something more people should stand up against. [/quote]


curious to see how long it takes until the thread on graalians and/or the youtube video is deleted or threatened.

what gave you the idea that stephane reads this forum