File Size Limit

Increase the file size limit, I can’t even upload my tileset…

It’s not our fault it’s a 64kb limit. You have to split the tileset up in 64kb pieces. There’s a script to make it work somewhere. Look around here on the forums.

Filesize limit is due to how the client handles data, not an issue with the server. We are looking at 2.3 support currently so hopefully we can get 64k limit removed with that :slight_smile:

Actually ViceVirtue made a Packet Sniffer for graal5. The whole protocol looked exactly the same and there were some new packet for large files but i couldnt figure it out (i was only studying the logged packets for about 10 minutes though so maybe someone else can give it a try)

Do you have any packet logs left over? Mine are lost afaik and the packet sniffer won’t work as Graal needs to update. (File is called Packets_In.log)