Fill chests doesn't work

Fill chests on rc doesn’t work. I’m using the latest revision.

didnt work on the older versions either

Yes it did.

Who broke it? >:(

All hope is lost! Nalin is gone forever! D:

Why does this scream Joey’s text based gserver? Back on build 52(?)

LOL,well I had a Joey server and it didnt work

Dangerless doesn’t mean Joey’s server as in the one he is hosting. He means the gserver that joey programmed.

ooooo, kk

heyhey whats with the finger pointin heree, i’m clearly innocent

Chest filling works fine for RC1. I made a level put some chests in it then filled it on my client & did an update level and I could get them again no problem.

Sorry, can’t fix this bug for RC2. It’s Stefans fault, proof:

It says “Unknown packet” because I added a debugging line that just treats every packet as unknown as well as still calling the regular function for them.

In TPlayer.cpp:

		// Call the function assigned to the packet id.
		msgPLI_NULL(curPacket); //DEBUG
		if (!(*this.*TPLFunc[id])(curPacket))
			return false;


Guess chest filling isn’t a priority of Stefans :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t really know why you’d ever need to fill a chest to be honest, i’ve never done it.

G:TA’s quest system is based on triggers from opening chests, so if I can’t close the chest, I can’t trigger that variable again.

Use RC1 to close chests.
How do they trigger from opening a chest anyway? I thought chests could only show signs :o

Every chest you opens gives you an obnoxious looking flag.