Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

I know, long name… regardless, 4 player local or online adventure-esque game on the DS.

I gotta say, it’s about damn time. I haven’t got it yet, but I plan to(very soon :)). Anyways, really glad to see this has online gameplay(they omitted it from the first because they wanted to encourage people to play locally… WTF???). Nintendo games online sucks, but you don’t often see a good adventure game come along that’s online, and I like the CC series.

Anyone else with a DS that might want to start a game up?

I recently…got it at the usual places but…I changed my wireless router settings and sadly the DS sucks so bad that it doesn’t support any form of WPA. >_>

Can you not use WEP/MAC filtering? Also remember to use long keys if you are using WPA-PSK, as it is also crackable.

What’s the point anyway, Nintendo’s Wi-Fi servers suck ass.

Dusty: 1462-2223-7858

eh i’m jealous. FF:CC is pretty bad ass on the ds, but I don’t own one as of yet. Stupid nephew…

Hey Danger, when I get the game, how’s about we kick ass?

I’m too damn lazy to change my WPA to WEP. Besides, the DS is the only system I have that uses only WEP. So, don’t be expecting to play with me at any time in the future. lol.

Whoa, I just tried it out online in a random game and it’s laggy as hell – worse than Brawl. There was like a 3 second button lag…

Maybe it was because it was a random match or something… regardless, I don’t know why Nintendo games always have button lag, it’s the most annoying kind.

FYI. 40% of the users online on the Nintendo DS uses dial-up.

Dialup is going to become like an urban myth. I havn’t seen one in atleast half a decade or more.

I had aol dialup.

Most of the users on the internet are still dial-up users. And given the economy crises around the world, some are going from broad band back to dial-up :[

One of my friends had dial-up until last year, lol. He lives in a complete nothingness. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have it, its great, Wi-FI really depends on who you connect to location wise, even when doing continental, but its very fun nonetheless

my FC is 1333-3633-7341

I’m about halfway through hard mode right now, so add meh, we can quest and shit :B

I’ll have to try it out with you, I haven’t gotten far(did the first trial and saved in the city…)

You guise…

Dang it, I’ll try to get the game by saturday.

This is what’s wrong with Nintendos online service.

I agree completely. I didn’t understand the problem before I got a DS/Wii, but then I realize that they generate one for EVERY game… and LINK them to the DS you play the game on. It’s ridiculous. If they had just one per DS or something then I wouldn’t mind…

I added you Dusty

I agree too Agret but the fact that in this game, you can play with random people, and send them friend requests as your playing (they automatically get added to your roster after they accept) shows that squareenix got it somewhat right with wi-fi in this game.