Finally is almost done

I am almost done with this large tree for my generic reborn tileset tell me what you think so far…:oo:

the trunk could be less wide or the crown could be wider. something makes it feel “chibi”. Otherwise: LOVE IT! :smiley: I like the details on it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. It looks good though man, the leaves . . I would go nuts having to do that.
:smiley: That’s why I aim bigger and simpler. lol

Chibi Rocks! Bizzzzzz
Yeah . . . .
I wouldn’t say it looks chibi though, it doesn’t have a very tiny trunk.
Very tiny body+very big head+Big Eyes=Chibi. Muahaha

Creative Criticism :

Looks like theres a hole in the center**, and the darker leaves on the bottom overlap the leaves which are stemming from the top of the crown*. The tree (and trunk) is very lightly and scarcely shaded, may have shading in the way of adding detail, but as far as the entire overcast of the leaves onto the trunk, its not there.

I know the limitations of the graal tree, but the trunk as also rectangular as far as the base goes. []

The palette looks a bit 'new world’ish, which is darker and has a lower contrast (which dampens moods and can obscure important details.) It’s a mix between cartoony, and “realistic” at the moment, but doesn’t succeed at both. [Secret of Mana is a great thing to go by, its bright, cheerful, inviting and screams ‘life’; mind you their tree tiling power is a lot more erratic when bunched.]

    • The center isn’t finished in detail yet but the trees should overlap downward from the top for the most part.
      ** - I can see your doing detailing of the leaves from the bottom up, technically you should flow out from your lightsource near the top of the tree, no? O.o

I hope this helps, don’t be afraid to do things from scratch or step back a few times to re-think.

thanks for the crits a new version coming soon

Looking good, middle portion of it looks like the art has been copy/pasted a bit too much though.
Needs a lil more variety in the leaves placement.
At the moment it looks like they all “fold in” to reach the center, very unnatural.

can’t dissagree with agret

The top is looking a lot more full bodied which is good. However, it does tend to get erratic in the center portion instead of flowing out. Bottom half of where the leaves are, looks considerably patchy with the openings/twigs. They don’t blend in well and theres an obvious horizontal invert with it. The tree trunk is still a square shape but I have noticed its widening near the top/midsection, which is unnatural… -> \ / vs ) (

might edit it some more later for now its my place holder tree… I like it better than the default one the colors all go with the tileset it is tiles I forgot to mention so it has been challenging but its odd shape lets you be able to make it large or smaller there will be much more later. Also I encourage artists to use these tile as a base and build off of them although when I design my server I’ll make some slicker custom ones:fro:

Nicely done

Looks better smaller for sure. (The Trees) Nice layout you got going there though.

Hope to see more of your work, I’m not a huge fan of the style per say . . or . . I mean I like it, I just don’t like the texture of the wood/rock/grass?

No that’s not it . . I like it. lol Just something about your style doesn’t jump out at me, I think it’s just your choice of colors, or something like that. lol
(Edit: I just figured out it was how mellow your colors are.)

(Edit 2: Actually, I think it’s just your background grass throwing me for a loop. How it’s so bright compared to your objects.)
Nice though! xD

Since you uploaded a bunch of tiles people can build off of, I will upload a basic tileset outline. Err in the settiledef2 format. lol I think right . . . ?
Hopefully it will help anyone who needs it. lol Same one I use.
My only .png image too. xD

Then by all means, use some paint bucket to do that.
I can see it just fine with no problems. Thus of course it’s made the way I wanted to see it. lol Since it was made originally just for myself.


The “unknown” part in the beginning is 32x32 pots/bushes/stones and under it is what the ground looks like under them.

The bed part is larger too. nvm it’s not

No the bed part is right on, or it should be. I may have to look at that part again . . . oh well.

Stop editing my posts like that, even by accident . . .

Oh yeah the thing about the grass is I made everything on the high lighted grass first there will be tiles to put everything on the darker grass as well as many different ground / grass types additionally there will be many other large and small tree types to fit the environment. Dessert, Swamp, Jungle, Forest, Wasteland, Under ground, Under water, and I am thinking of adding tiles sets to switch out for the four seasons so the hue of the grass, trees, water, ect would change from spring, summer, fall, and winter.

I have some lofty goals but I think if I can finish this up it will make developers flock to rebirth and maybe we can get some funding to hire a decent programmer to make us some damn layers so I don't have to make 100 variations of each tile :P once I am done I will make some tutorials and download packages for people who want to get started making levels with these tiles and I will follow up eventually with body sprites and a whole gang of baddies, and weapons and so on.

Here are some of the tree tiles that I am testing:

Well then Sublime, do your best.

I’ll try doing my best. lol Since I want to change Graal Reborn into something wonderful. . . or rather, I want to make something wonderful for Graal Reborn.

It’s already wonderful getting time to host a server for free. xD

Nice, me like the screenshot a lot. :smiley: