Fix hatimage?

Can someone help me fix the attached image? For some reason i cant see it on my server…idk why i uploaded it, its in a folder where other images work, so apparently the server knows its there, and i restarted client, and reloaded server. Any body know why?

Well, I won’t fix it at the moment.
But your issue is, you saved it with a non 16/256 color palette.
Could try saving it as a gif until you figure it out :open_mouth:

Beholder is right try saving it as a gif now idk if this problem was fixed but i always set my RBG 2,2,2 but that is just for black if your RBG was 0,0,0 it would never appear(the black) who knows but i never like to spend a lot of time on something to have it be screwed up like my dungeon master hat :confused: failed epicly i spent so much time denting it and what not and it looks so weird on graal i whipped it off the files as fast as i could D:

the original post looks fucking old’ish