For All You Dubstep Fans

Feel free, to troll and hate.

it’s got a shit feel, and reuses all the old boring dubstep ideas, why can’t people be more creative and make better use of syncopation while still maintaining a clear pulse…


one day i’m going to register the domain

Someone move this thread to Misc and close it.

Thanks for the great support guys!

dubstep sux. sorry. nope not sorry.

I can’t say dubstep sucks because I don’t acknowledge it as a genre. I barely acknowledge half the other genres out there. I just don’t even like classifying music anymore. I give up.

You don’t even just generalize and say oh it’s the music that goes wubwubwubwub?

I don’t like dubstep that much either. It’s for stonerfags who think they are cool.
(note: not all stoners are stonerfags)

I’m a stoner and a fag. I’m -the- stonerfag. Also wub is okay if it’s not 6 minutes of wubwubwub with kick snare, possibly autotuned and unrecognizable vocals, with some shitty title slapped on it. But I’d like to enjoy some other musical elements plsP.S. Prinny’s dood.

yendawg, all the stoners i know hate dubstep.

wub wub still sucks harder than fucking chiptune.

the only reason i like chiptune is because i associate it with cracked games

Dubstep is just awful. Requires no talent to make it.

chiptune is only good for 3 things

8-bit games
nostalgia factor, because you can associate it with older games and the like
and rhythm games like FFR.

for instance Night and Day by ViRT:

other than that it’s not really too useful at all.

Considering your use of the term usage there, I’d say chiptunes are in a more brand of useful music just because they’re more suited to technical applications.On the other hand, I’d love to see some hillbilly bluegrass DDR because lmfaoChip sounds are great ok

Im not even a stoner, I just create music for stoners.

That makes you dumb. Dummy.

I like dubstep.

I like homestuck music