Forums are butchered

Navigation bar at the top kind of sucks. It’s not centered and actually takes a few seconds to “center” itself in the first place. I find this pretty annoying. You’re also lacking a favicon, it’s got that ugly vB icon instead.

Also, there’s no links to the User CP or even a Search link in it? These are two pretty important links, why aren’t they there?

Thank god you have the New Posts link at least!

:expressionless: nope. Reinstalling the forums after a major overload at best.

Since Joey and Marlon have had a little tug of war over the forums, neither wants to take on the task of modifying.

Hit settings for UserCP.

Yup, I know the urls. The fact that I need to bookmark them(and I’m not going to) because the forums don’t have even basic navigation skills just proves how horrible it is. It makes the forums that much harder to browse.

Eh, I just see the forums, Bomber Arena and the UGCC minecraft server all managed at the same quality-

It’s only hosted, and basically on life support. Any bugs that show up or anything thats busted may or maynot be repaired with a server restart- anything that requires more effort will not be attended to.

thats right at any moment i can just kick over the oxygen tank and watch the whole site burn…

ha ha ha HA HA LUSERS


I might add links for these since they’re pretty important, the lack of search bugs me.
If you can work out the delay in the centering (i’m betting its done with some sort of javascript) let me know and i’ll fix it.

Edit: Just noticed there is a “search forum” in the top right when you are viewing a forum index but not on the main index.

Wow I just noticed the “Playerworlds” & “Chat” links on the homepage actually function now, although playerworlds is unfinished.