Free-to-use Graphics dump

Just a thread to post a bunch of stuff I don’t mind others using(not like that stuff is heavily moderated anyways, I think).

So ya, feel free to use at your leisure.

I never finished this, but I figure it’s done enough to be salvaged and used.

I really like this. Can add a lot to an otherwise overused pics1. Nice for servers wanting to look Classic but also still look new and fresh. Has roof windows and diagonal fencing. Which in turn makes:

I’ll keep trying to update this with new stuff when I can :slight_smile:

nice update on the original pics1. :slight_smile:

Awesome, cool to see you around again too :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice images. I’ve been toying with tilset style ideas for the Eldam region on marduk, and these look really nice. I’m tempted to use these as a base and expand. With credit to you of course in our OS Library =P

That’s a really nice Zelda style pics1 tile set.
Good Job.

The only thing I dont like is that it is based on the old Graal 1.x pics1.png, which was limited to 256 colours (gif).

I may post an updated one later.

I don’t get it.

My desktop is dead, Ill show you what I mean when Ive got it up again.

@Nalin: its an 8bit PNG with 256 indexed colors. The old one was a 256 color gif.

Old tileset on the left, New tileset on the right.

I know there are differences in opinion over which is better.
I prefer the one on the right.

Oh, well that has nothing to do with it being gif, just different versions(Graal tileset got an ‘upgrade’ in 2001 by Konidias). I never noticed the bush myself… there was never any compression done on the tileset, and certainly no ‘dirty’ compression(except for one single castle tile). Regardless, I had planned to redo most of the tileset anyways.

variety of desert/sand tiles I just made. I haven’t actually tiled with them so I don’t know how that’ll work out. An upgraded resolution of the tiles from Zelda: LttP.

You’re quite the artist… and I’m not just saying that because you happen to be able to gfx “old-graal-style” or w/e i’m trying to say. (yeah, i have problems with words sometimes… wanna fight about it? lol…)

Yeah that “png”, is the version Konidias made that is so common place now. He has a newer version on BomyIslands, it takes a while to get used to (makes your eyes want to bleed otherwise).

Some older stuff:


Took you long enough? o_o

Trees of remembrance.

Really did take you a long time to figure him out.


I agree with Joey, your work is very tidy eye candy.

Ditto that fo sho, its beautiful.