Friend can't connect to server

SO i just read the portforwarding tutorial and all that jazz and I did it all right, i think, but my friend can’t connect to the server? AND ontop of that, I can’t get on my RC, it says I don’t have RC rights? Help? :frowning: servers name is PBW if someone else wants to see if they can connect

did you read the readme 100% accurately?

the gserver readme? yeah i did everything as it stated

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so i just completely reset the server. but he still can’t connect. i think it may be a problem with his computer, could someone try and connect? servername is PBW

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Anyone? I forwarded the port 14802, it says it in the GServer window, so it must be working. I’m online now, the servers PBW, someone try and log on. I don’t know why my friend can’t get on. Helllllllplplllppll

K, you might want to try Joey’s server hosting, it’s much more reliable especially if you can’t host a server for yourself.

isnt there an error to do with that atm? or am i dreaming?

Joey had a cap on the server that can be on there I think. There are tons of unused servers on there that haven’t been deleted.

So will joeys server hosting jazz work? I assume I have to register the server or whatever first though, cause the server isn’t showing up when i log into it, correct?

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Alright, so i’ve tried everything and i’ve done checks to see if the port was forwarded but they all came up negative. What i have is a Siemens Gigaset567, i’m assuming thats the modem, and a Trendnet TEW-432BRP, which would be the router. I’ve done everything under the sun, but can’t figure it out. Should I be doing another method other than Internet>Modem>Router>Computer ?

Yeah yours is most likely a DSL Router (a modem that ate a router with none of the functionality) -> Router method.

Which requires a lot more steps.
However the GServer has uPnP enabled nowadays which should be helping bypass atleast some of the bullscrap.

Remember: Port Forwarding, not Port Triggering

You may have to monkey with some settings in your ““Modem””, which is not entirely recommended for newbies. As if you fuck up a setting, it’ll keep you offline till its fixed.

Okay, so when my computer turns on, it’s already connected to the internet. I don’t have to enter anything, or click anything to connect, it’s automatic. The tutorial is telling me to collect the information it uses to connect? I’m assuming it’s PPPoE, because when I didn’t have a router i used to have to enter the [email protected] and it’s giving that as a definition for PPPoE. Where do I enter this at in my router? The @ispaddress + password

if its a router/modem combo, being within the DHCP range may be preventing port forwarding of TCP ports…same thing happened to me…go into your router via or however you access its control panel via browser, and find out the dhcp range, then google how to set up a static IP so you can set your computer to use an IP outside the dhcp range.

I already tried setting up a static ip address and that didn’t work either :confused: i tried just about everything, except for what Beholder suggested but I’m unsure where to enter this information at in my router CP

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In my router under WAN it has a section that says Connection DHCP Client Connected [DHCP Release] [DHCP Renew] if that has any relevance to what you’re talking about, Dontar

if you having too much issues, try contacting your ISP to have them do the port forwarding…but I dunno if you can do that, I never done it…(and some ISP’s dont want hosting of gameserver’s)

Will remote assistance work? I’m willing to do that if you know what you’re doing [email protected]

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Could you try to get on? It’s named PBW. I think I could have fixed it

I love when people ask for remote assistance when port forwarding issue is their problem o_o

Haha yeah I know, stupid question. I figured it out though, had to figure out what exactly you were saying and I got it. Thanks beholder :smiley:

gl on making a server, I hope you dont end up making a fail of a server like me

Thanks dude! I acctually have no intentions on doing anything else on graal, but develop, so if I can find the right scripters and gfxers to assist me through it, it won’t fail. But til then, time to level! :slight_smile:

oh dear, nothing gets done on servers unless you have a knowledgable owner/manager/only staff or you have friends. On reborn since servers are free to work on everyone has one and tries to make there own.
Maybe if you had to pay 10 dollars for a server we would have better quality servers and more diligent people while concentrating to gr community, it could work. Then again they charge 70 dollars for 6 months of server renting on graal online and that still doesnt stop noobs from making crumby servers, oh well dude, do what you can but expect no help

There is help, people want us to do everything for them.

Just come at us with help, like you do right now, whether it’s GFX, LAT, Or NAT help, we will help you okay?