Funky Issues

Alright, I've got two major issues going on at the moment.

  1. Since the release of Revision 51 Beta, Myself and my friend suddenly 'go corrupt' if he sets his body or a gani attribute (in this case, a tail for the race). Mine is more random, and I can't pinpoint where I start to spaz.

What happens is, our attributes, if you look at them in RC, are all jumbled. Random text and characters all over the place. Saved flags in the Chest box, NPCWs just vanishing completely. Also, when he talks, his text is all jumbled, like he's smashing his head into the keyboard while typing. Until he sets his body, he talks just fine. The tail mostly DC's him. I've reuploaded the images, in case of corruption, and we've even tried using different graphics. Even using something like body13.png causes issues for him.

Nothing short of a full character reset works… Here's the strange part. We're not using Revision 51. It doesn't work with Linux yet, so we're still using 50. We suspect, if the Listserver was updated for r51, this could be some spazzy conflict. But outside that guess, we're lost.
Problem fixed. Was a system error causing spazzes

Problem 2) This is a client issue, since it happens offline too, but I was wondering if there was a way around it.

Basically, if a new player starts out with no Shield or Sword (shield and sword power of 0), they cannot obtain level 1 of either one. lay sword, lay shield, or even a chest of them both, does nothing. In fact, the basic sword's colors will even reflect what sword you have, if you have greater than 1.

Is there a way to give the player level 1 shield and sword, without skipping ahead to level 2? (dropping a level 2+ shield and Sword works. It's just the basic ones that are broken).

Any help on either subject would be greatly appreciated… especially the first one, lol

Re: Funky Issues

Edit your newaccount.ini file.

Downgrade to revision 50. It seems to be way more stable. That, and r51 is a beta release.

Re: Funky Issues

Actually, we are using r50. r51 doesn't even work under Linux at the moment, so I can't use it, even if I wanted to, lol. And I know how to set my weapon and shield to 0 for new players, I'm just not sure how to give players the level 1 shield and sword afterwards. Like, buying it in a shop, or finding it in a chest or on a quest. lay, lay2 and chests aren't working for the basic sword and shield

Re: Funky Issues

no idea about the server bugs you found. But for the playersword, why are you starting them off at 0? aka no sword or 0 dmg. my newaccounts.ini defaults at swordPower = 1 , shieldPower = 1. But you could always change the number thru an npc instead of a dropped item.

And if you want to start them off with swordpower=0, probably a better bet would be to setup an npc to do it in the onlinestartlocal.nw.
like If(!setup){
setsword ,0;
setshield ,0;
set setup;



setsword sword1.png,1; // the 1 being sword power.

Is your friend also using linux, thru a windows emulator maybe? My friend was and had tons of random sprite issues and such today.

Re: Funky Issues

Well, I want to make it so you don't just log on friend and new, and be fully equiped to take on the enemies around you. I'd like to have players need to earn some cash to buy the basics, or do a short quest. Nothing too in depth just for the basic items, but something to help get the player immersed in the world a bit.

I suppose one method would be disableweapons until they 'find/buy' the basic sword, but then they'd still have a shield, lol

Re: Funky Issues

Yeah definetly i'd go that route, disableweapons till they buy a sword. And if you setshield to setshield ,0; there shield will disappear and not show. Since you didn't give it a shield image, tho I guess they should still probably give themselves a shield with the set shield blah. So without rescripting a lil command for your own set shield to intercept the default one, i'm not totally sure.

Or you might be able to get the player to delete the shield somehow, since its a dropable item with A+D.
Not sure if theres a command to drop things like that or delete them. The index for shield is 9

Re: Funky Issues

Actually, just realized something I was too tired to realize last night. setsword image,power
setshield image,power
are my answers. Even starting with 0 for both from newaccounts.ini, those codes let me add a sword and shield somewhere like a shop or quest.

I forgot all about those codes. I remembered every method of reading and changing sword/shield power, except those, lmao. Thanks though, this is exactly what I need