Funny youtube clips

Me wants, cant finds, plx thx


Too funny. The japanese know how to do shows. Can’t tell em shit about that.
Whats the name of the show? and lol at the black guy speaking japanese fluently. I think he saw watermelon though at the end though :/.

Speaking of watermelon


Speaking of Japanese

This one always make me laugh

funny as hell urza…the big guy keeped breaking the things and at the end with the nutshot lol…

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Moar youpoop

my poop is dark and chunky like the chocolate bar im eating right now.

Are you sure that is a chocolate bar?

that one’s nice. :slight_smile:

Lawl, too much Minecraft, but it’s so fucking true. o_o

WOW. Unsuspected. And now the song is stuck in my head.

its catchy and has a good message

“Turn Around Bitch”