G.O. staff genetic cloning errors!

I found some old GraalOnline staff pictures including ones of Unixmad, Bomber, Fuitad, Gandarian and others! So I decided to fuse them together, needless to say some of the results are superfun!
You can view the complete set I did at http://ostracized.no-ip.org/graal/morphface/
Here are some of the greatest hits.

Stefan fused with Unixmad

Unixmad fused with Gandarian

Vangel fused with Unixmad

Galen fused with Unixmad

Fuitad fused with Unixmad

Vangel fused with Gandarian

Bruges fused with Unixmad

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[/COLOR]If you want to mess around you can find the source images I used at http://ostracized.no-ip.org/graal/graalstaff/ or http://s130.photobucket.com/profile/Unixmad/uploads
then use them or any other images to make stuff at http://www.morphthing.com/

Why does Stefan get some hate? He’s actually nice. Just not Unixmad, he’s a dickhead.

I got no problem with Stefan or anyone else for that matter. The only one I’ve ever really had a problem with has been Unixmad. This isn’t a bashing thread, it’s a laughing at funny faces thread.
I simply added all those faces because they look hilarious in certain combinations and each person was at one time a head staff member at G.O.

Vangel, oh jeez.

i read his letters and posts. i didn’t realize unixmad was so dumb.

I miss the days where the most of my worries was with Unixfag for screwing around with Graal. -_-’

Link please? :slight_smile: