Galactic Space Server?

hey all, have not been on the forums lately, been working pretty heavy on my chronicles of gaia server. hit a stand still due to lack of scripting knowledge. but besides the point!

i had another idea for a server, and was wondering about feedback before i started this little side project. I have been on a sci fi kick lately, watching shows from battlestar galactica to babylon 5, farscape, star gate, etc.

and i was wondering, what everyone thought about doing some sort of space/sci fi server with like starships, battle cruisers, colonies, etc.

of course im talking large scale, with planets to go and explore, still the same kind of idea with dungeons (or missions etc.) item grabs, ship upgradables, federation alliances etc.

its still raddeling around my head a bit, but have giant star ship levels and stuff, where you can go to the starship decks, holodecks, transport bays, hangars, brigs etc. but also, have it so you can man (or women) these starships into battles, while doing so,earning money for upgrades for your ships, colonizing home worlds, races, factions. you name it.

it would be a big project, im just wondering if anyone would be interested in working on such a project. i can do level design, tilesets, graphics, weapons, items, even help with GUI and world maps and well…star maps, like having an overworld but for your space layer.

if anyone is interested let me know or at least some honest feedback.

i am also still looking for scripters for chronicles of gaia, it still needs a lot.

but yeah, lemme know what you think :slight_smile:


i have been poking around a bit, and found some references for actual star ships and stuff, might help a bit?

I remember Dolphonia had space ships :[
They were fun to abuse by unsticking into OSL, and running around over walls as vases.

this reminds me so much of spore galactic adventures

sounds cool, unfortunately you will have to make do with your current scripting knowledge as no one helps each other on the forums these days, ask for help and your asking for trolls galore. None the less good luck if you try to do this project since you will probably be doing it alone

Wrong. We’ll help, but if you keep begging for scripts, or not even make a single effort to make it yourself, we’ll treat you like the fucking moron you are.

Stop bitching and go practise GS.


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The vast majority of your posts embody ignorance and you do absolutely nothing but bitch and demand of the community to do everything for you. I suggest you shut up before one of the mods gets fed up with your constant bullshit.

panzerglamour just start off basic, get everything you can do done, if your still having trouble just read all the documentation on gs1 (commands.rtf and newfeatures ####) if that doesnt help im sure someone here will help you out, just dont make my mistake and ask for a script even if you just want to study it DONT do it. Just putting it out there >.> instead just attempt it, post it and ask wether your on the right track

Patience, you must have.

Read up tricxta, you’re the noob, not him.

Yenairo, if you have some sort of issue with this person you keep spamming in my posts, i think you should go through the right channels and speak with the moderators here, as well as any one in control of the servers operations. but spamming every post i seem to put up is well, kind of defeating the purpose of my post in the first place, not to mention off topic.

as for anything i do when my server DOES go up, obviously i would back up everything :wink: because that is the smart thing to do from the get go. hell i could hand out rights to everyone and not care the least little bit, because…well i backed up everything.

I apollogize if i am coming off rude to you Yenairo, but please, take your fight somewhere else, personally i don’t really care whos who, and what is what. no one is perfect here, hell, i fought with every single person here at one point. Mistakes get made, this is a freelance project everyone is working on, so you are bound to find problems either way.

again, i suggest instead of flaming the forums and getting yourself banned for doing so, i would take this issue up with the right people. hope this helps.

as for hiring, i will hire anyone who can actually put the effort in and show progress as the server comes to life.

stop flaming my posts yenairo, thank you.

lol Yenairo’s flipping out

I thought the title said Galactic Adventures untill I looked again…I thought it said Space Saver, then saw that the last word was Server >.>

and Panzer, your idea is good in my opinion…I like space games. (I actually have yet to find a game I truely truely hate, except Blockland Retail, but thats only because of the creater and community)

if I was a god-scripter like Beholder I would be of a great help

good luck on your server.

im actually doing a tileset from scratch for this one, at least for a main tileset. but probably wont make it a server. at least not yet. i have way too much accomplished with chronicles of gaia. and a lot of time invested in it. this would simply be a side project when ive got the time. but thanks dontar :slight_smile: