Hello. i’ve added Ganis by RC at the Ganis folder. Now what? How could i use them?
Other thing. How do i add Superbombs, shockbombs, staff boots and dragging power to my admins and to me?

You don’t need those x.x But, to add them, make a level, and put this into it…

if(playerenters)toweapons Staff/Staff Boots; if(keypressed){ code = strtofloat(#p(0)); if(code==keycode(t)){this.on = (this.on +1)%2; this.speed = 1; timeout=0.05; if(this.on==1){ setplayerprop #c,Boots: On; } if(this.on==0){ setplayerprop #c,Boots: Off; } } } if(this.on==1 && timeout){ if(keydown(0)){playery-=this.speed;} if(keydown(1)){playerx-=this.speed;} if(keydown(2)){playery+=this.speed;} if(keydown(3)){playerx+=this.speed;} timeout=0.05; } if (playerchats && startswith(/speed,#c)) { tokenize #c; this.speed = strtofloat(#t(1)); setplayerprop #c,Speed set to #t(1)!; } if(weaponfired){ say2 Press "t" to turn on or off.#bSay /speed and the speed you#bwant to change the speed.; }

To use ganis, you need to learn to script. Read over commands.rtf…

Some of the commands used are setani,replaceani, and such…

For the other things, you need to make a level and add chests to it…you can choose what is in the tests, including those staff weapons…which, again, you DON’T need…

Other question. How do i create NPCs?

Baddies, NPCs, Chests…in the editor…

Click the outline of a guy…

You can use those ganis by using the following:

setani "gani name",parameters; //used to set a players gani
setcharani "gani name",parameters;//used to set a npcs gani

also parameters are a way of sending information to a gani to create a different effect assuming the gani has been made in that way. For starters just dont bother with parameters, focus on the main things and discover the rest later.

You can get superbombs and shockbombs from the chests which can be found in the editor.

And look in the code gallery for downsiders dragging script.

I thought that too

I just thought it was some inviso-dude.

Stephan should’ve cleared that up. -_-