Geocity ends

What will happen to graal? Hopefully all those random Geocity websites that people made for P2P Graal will go away and google bots will not pick those up anymore pushing our site up the ranks on google search for “graal”. But yeha I managed to snag a few sites like ace site.

Any last minute graal sites anybody wants to save on Geocity please post link and I’ll copy and paste it on my server.

I havent been to a geocity site in YEARS (very long time), i think last time, was before graal went p2p.

I can get ya’ #1 or at least page one for any sites in Google as long as the keywords aren’t too competitive, as well as a heck of a lot of double indexing(Having a page of yours indexed and a following page of yours slightly indented basically giving the given site a lot more attention.

Geocities was fun… a long time ago, lol. It’s way past it’s time. Aha.

It’s not that important. If you think you can get GraalReborn in the google #1 spot for the search of “graal” go for it if you want too.

I kinda like those websites from geocities, brings back memories

Great, start a protest on graal to stop Geocity from collapsing. Gather enough supporters and lobby to congress to bail Geocity ut and give them billions to get those websites back up :smiley: Yes I agree I like the nostalgic feeling too LETS LOBBY CONGRESS!

I can’t believe geocities is shutting down. It’s like part of my childhood just died… God im a nerd.

My first website I ever made was thanks to Geocity and yeah my first website was about graal =P