Gettin a Puppy!

Hey guys just excited about a new puppy I put a deposit on today and wanted to share the love :3


he is the one on the left:

and his mum and dad:

I kinda know what name I want for him but I want to hear oppinions for names xD (even if they are retarded)

Staffy’s ehh? I had a Staffy cross with a Lab. Really good mix. Had a staffy head and lab body and height. Really well natured, but from past experiences pure bread staffy is pretty vicious, but that’s if you treat them like shit.

I’ll stick with my Dane’s and Dane crossed with Bullmastive.

Those are some pretty cute pups though.

Adorable little guy! He looks like a “Danny” to me.

Bruce Willis. John Mclain or w/e XD or Brillis.

Yeah they get a bad rep but I think any dog raised like shit can and will act like its been treated :frowning: I’m going to treat him like a little prince

Rofl thats a legendary name xD


I have a Yorkshire mixed with a Bull Terrier

He is definetely a Pickle

find a stereotypical name… like lucky…

Shut up.