Getting a server on the Gold/Silver/Bronze lists

How would we go about getting our server listed on the Gold/Silver/Bronze server lists? What are the requirements?

Overworld is up and we are pretty close to done debugging all the glitches with the levels. Once we are completely done with that we are going to be starting on converting events.

edit nvm it’s disabled. Someone (hosler) will have to do it manually. He’ll register the server to your account and set a password to it. You just have to put the password in proper file. I don’t remember the filename.

edit2 HIM and Ramza? Let me guess, your putting N-Pulse? I guarantee that server name is already taken so registering it won’t work.

We have a server already and it is named N-Pulse. The name shows up as N-Pulse (unofficial) so I don’t know if that means there are other N-Pulse’s out there but I doubt it would be set up like that. Either way, we could always name it N-Pulse: Rebirth or something dumb along those lines.

Even if it is up some where already it won’t bother or discourage us. Unlike other players who just throw backups they found some where up, we actually have our own backups because we were actually there through all of it. We are also two players who have had admin success several times and are no stranger to what work needs to be put in to make a project successful. Also we love and respect N-Pulse and wouldn’t ruin it, we actually care about the product and keeping its legacy.

Yes, Mr. Oldfag. I get it. You’re old and you want everyone to know that you’re old on a forum filled with people who are old.

The quality of your server doesn’t have anything to do with server registration. N-Pulse has already been hosted on Graal Reborn before. It may might have been VariousWeapon who registered it. If you ask him nicely and he happens to come online, he might give you the password.

Being old isn’t my point. I was getting at being serious about the project. Maybe if you actually read what people are saying instead of looking for an opening to go Super Sayian Dickhole Mode, you might have caught that.

See, “Getting on the list” isn’t the point… Just “Having N-Pulse hosted” isn’t the point… Our goal is not only to have a fully functioning server but also to have it populated. Just being there is stupid, like you said, anyone can do that.

I really like your attempt in reviving the community by hosting an old backup nobody is interested in playing.

Yup. This just turned into a graalians thread.

Ahem, I was the one who hosted N-Pulse the first go around. I believe it was a couple of years ago.
The 1st time when it was being hosted it was on the server list. you didn’t have to type it in.
Now if someone did it before me, I don’t know. but, I do know the first time I hosted it there was no issue.

And fyi yes, there are people interested in playing this server and we have been getting more people to play and will continue to do so.

Thank you.

And then you complain that there are no users…
Unleast HIM and KingRamza are trying to do something for Graal Reborn.

When I was hosting N-Pulse on PWA I’d checked the registration and it was under Moongod/goddess or someone like that. I didn’t write down the password and I can’t access that now, so hosler or somebody will have to look that up. When HIM was hosting it before it was back when everything just went on the Bronze tab by default.

We should just default servers to bronze so people don’t have to deal with their servers being hidden. What would that take?

That sounds great. I remember when I told some of my friends about the game(2 weeks ago), they thought there were almost nothing to play due to only being able to see bomber arena and no other server.

This is to make the game as friendly as possible for new people.

You really just have to ignore Spooon’s bullshit sometimes. None of us really expect anything to happen here because it’s not happened for so long. I personally think it’s great when someone makes an effort, even though most people here don’t have much hope.

We had 8 people on it yesterday… That’s about 3x any other server gets. Since you’re an iclassic kid who never played npulse I don’t think you should judge.

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I agree. Anyone who is putting forth any effort should get some type of exposure. Even if the project goes no where and dies after a few days, at least it’ll show activity.

yes lets go full circle and allow all servers to show up on the list again. at some point these ideas turn into insanity.

People on regular Graal making servers don’t have much hope and they have a lot more resources than we do. But HIM and I have had success with server administration and even management. Does this 110% ensure this project will get done? No. But we know what it takes and we are willing to give it all we have.

I wasn’t discrediting you or making any assumptions whatsoever. I was trying to make sure you understand the mindset you face with the people that’ve been here a while, so that it would be less likely TO discourage you.

At least do it while the registration is down. You can hide servers once there’s a way to get back onto the serverlist.

No I get what you mean. I was agreeing with you :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not like we have 200 servers.
It wouldn’t look bad to have the few servers we have unleast on the bronze tab. If they improve, then upgrade them to the silver and eventually gold.