gif or png

So when you gfx/weapon/level-making folk are making images/tilesets/etc… is it better to make an 8bit png or a gif. I’m new and haven’t done much gfx work yet and if possible I want to use all gifs, all pngs, or a combination of both that makes sense (i.e. gifs for heads, pngs for weapons, etc…).

So, what do YOU use?

Absolutely use PNG if it’s a static image.

Or else!

oh… shit. Ok. Done. I’ll convert everything that I did as a gif into a png.

Now, if I can ask without inciting the flames… why? Are pngs more efficient? smaller? What’s the cause of your preference?

i think in pngs empty space = no data. so that saves space. i think.

PNGs are just way more flexible and efficient with colors than GIF. I mean if you already have a bunch of files that are GIF and they look fine then just keep them, but I suggest using PNG in the future.

PNG most often compresses to a smaller file than GIF. Especially when you use a PNG optimizer program.