Good Morning/Goodnight


When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

are you crying or is there something in your eyes?

Both. He’s high.

yay 4 drugs

im always high and i have a lazy eye

“Are you crying?”
“No! There’s something in my eye!”
“What? Tears?”

you stocked up for a 420 smoke fest?


mein hemp happy birthday hitler!! 4/20

maaaannnn. its not about the nazis. something about the bible or about some dude discovering acid. i forgot. its a fun day.


Dunno how true that is though.

Anybody ever heard of Salt Spring Island? It’s the maragiwana capital of BC.

there are lots of stories about 420

this thread is now about 420.

it’s 4/20 over here now.

i have to write some sort of filter in verilog for 420. fuck school.

4/20 was good i smoked kush
i don’t even LIKE weed with funny names
man its fire where i come from

i come from the sixties

i was just born in 91


i just got retarded

No wai!