Gorillaz - Client Eastwood

Anybody remember these guys?
I was bored and was going through my older CDs I never listen to anymore. Ran into Gorillaz. :slight_smile:

They are ‘meh’.

Gorillaz are awesome! One of their songs was playing the other night at the bar when I came in. I was like o_O

windmill windmill for the land …


What cracks me up is that the band only has one member, 2D. All other vocals are guests. And 2D is the lead singer from Blur.

Also, don’t forget Jamie who made the characters I think. :slight_smile:
They have a new album coming in 2010 …

Gorillaz are awechum. :smiley:

Client Eastwood?

Was typing it in a hurry. I could care less. Deal with it boi. :slight_smile:

Scrolled down and thought I seen a bunch of zooming tampons because of your sig.

That … is sad actually in several ways. Why do you look at tampons all the time to compare my sig. as a zooming one? Mhmm … Issues. Regardless, dun’ spam in the off-topic (Posts Disabled) area! For shame … :smiley:

Gorillaz rule … :slight_smile:


I loved Clint Eastwood. I saw the video back when it debuted on MTV, and I loved it when the apes did the Thriller dance. I still laugh whenever I see that.