Got a problem with your script? READ THIS FIRST

As much as we would LOVE to fix your script, please check your OP (Original Post) for these common mistakes. Following these guidelines will help smooth over any problems that may come up when fixing your script.

  1. Can you make me a script
    I’m going to just start this off here. Many a thread has gone off topic due to people asking for a script and coming to a wall of “NO.” It is very rare for a member of the community to make a script for another player out of the kindness of their heart. We believe it is better, and much more rewarding, to learn to do it your self.

  2. Did you include the script in your post?
    We can’t fix it if you don’t hand it to us! At this point nothing is original. With that said, please don’t be afraid to post the script to let us fix it.

  3. Did you give us the error description?
    Error description? What’s that? The error description is that little error text you get when you hit the “test” button on the bottom right of the script editor. If we know what the editor is trying to tell us, it helps us fix the code much faster than applying logic to find the area that’s messed up.

  4. Did you check spelling, punctuation and parentheses?
    Yeah yeah yeah, this isn’t Grade 10 English class, but even the best scriptors have messed up and fail to notice these things. Take extra care, assume everything is case-sensitive, and check your file extensions (.png, .gif, .nw, etc). Every left parenthesis requires a right one. Count all your left parentheses and make sure the right parentheses are equal to that number.

  5. Did you make your code readable?
    If you’re not sure, hit the style button. It’s not the best way to format your script, but it will help a little when it comes to readability.

  6. Don’t post one line of code.
    Give us the whole block of script that contains the line of code that is wrong. You might have messed up more than you realized!

  7. Please take the time to make sure the OP has no spelling mistakes and grammatical issues.
    No one will be able to take you seriously if you can’t spell properly or keep your sentences proper. This goes double for a help request in this section.

Thank you for taking the time to make things easier for everyone. If you have followed all of the above procedures, continue on and click “Submit New Thread.”