GoTW (August 19-August 25)

Theme: Walls

Submission: Friday, August 24, 2012 (I’ll make the poll Saturday evening so you have time for last minute submissions)
Voting ends: Saturday, September 1, 2012

Previous Winners:

I gave up, here’s where I got to.

I sware it was shrubbery like an hour ago 0.o

It’s not meant to, it’s just meant to be rounded.

if I make a wall can I use it for the level of the week contest too?

Oh, if you all insist I make one, I suppose I will.


In - Game:

Looks good

[ATTACH=CONFIG]3131[/ATTACH] made an ice wall :wink: just to be different

I wouldn’t mind getting everyone together for this again, of course it’d be alot better if the themes were designed for maximum fun and not too much effort.

Yeah, it would be fun. :slight_smile: Make easier challenges since we’re not a pro collective of pixel artists. And challenges that are more tempting to do. Walls is a pretty pretty boring subject to compete about.