GoTW (August 4-August 10)

I might have had a little trouble coming up with a theme, but everything is completely under control.



This week’s theme is beamos. You don’t have to script anything, you just need to come up with your own style of beam trap enemy and draw sprites for it.

Submission: Friday, August 10, 2012 (I’ll make the poll in the evening or Saturday morning so you have time for last minute submissions)
Voting ends: Whenever the three day forum poll decides it’s been three days

Previous Winners:

I’m glad you’re doing this :slight_smile: nice theme.

A beamos? Did not knew about so Googled it:

Oh man, this is going to be an interesting week.

There you have it! A beamos!

This is not an official submission.

I should get Blender reinstalled.[COLOR=“Silver”]

Daleks seems to do the same as beamos: try to beam out people passing by.

Beamos is a monster from the Legend of Zelda series.

I so win.

Is that a likelike?

At least that’s all it took. They usually go for shields and tunics.

I don’t know which one to submit.

inb4 penis beamos

My zero graphic submission to the graphic contest.

Sadly, the player does not seems to be hurt by the balls it receives.

You’re supposed to just fucking draw a beamos.

version 2: does the same as before, but toward a bit done differently

version 2: does the same as before, but toward a bit done differently

What is your native language so I can make you understand what you are doing wrong?


Mirage wins.

// really does not 'compile'
//function calculateAngle(npc_x,npc_y,player_x,player_y){
//  dx = player_x - npc_x;
//  dy = player_y - npc_y;
//  angle = tan(dy/dx); // ????

Parameters for user defined functions don’t work, never have in GS1. And now you know.

Oh, how I wish they did.