GoTW (Discussion Zone)

Who’s down?

You have a 4 days to get an image made and posted. The Last 3 days I’ll have a poll up so you all can vote for the ones you like best!

If your image wins it gets posted in the GFX of the Week thread i haven’t made yet

What is this?

Would like to get a list of willing participants, got the other thread ready to open up at the start of next week if get enough peeps

Well what would “GFX of the week” be? Would it be a contest with specific instructions/rules?

I say random GFX, and we pick the best!

I’d be into that, as long as it doesn’t get too complicated. I don’t participate in pixeljoint contests and such because they’re way too time consuming.


Ill do it

I second that lotion!

I’ll try it.

O yah, we gonna make uh GR tileset from the floor ^.

I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: I bet im gunna loose though. Especially if riley and shiny are in :0

Lets do weapons. Any type, any color, any size. Or you draw a shape, and we do our best to color it in to make it look nice.

Haha no lets do animals lol. Blob comp! hhahaha. Nah weapons is a neat idea for the next comp. Lets just do that…

well post the comp so I can use my free time to draw something nice, or you could just secretly tell me. I wont tell anyboy :wink:
it will be our little secret

You guys all suck! Nobody voted for me!

you voted for you.>_<


i suck at gfx. we should have member of the week or month

I wouldnt mind a LAT or NAT comp as well, cater for everyone but then again I dont really mind since I pretty much do everything. And yes I know I fail but meh… its fun.