GoTW (Discussion Zone)

yes. lets all raise our self esteem in this fashion.

I’m the Member of the Week every week.

LAT contest would rock!

It wouldn’t be fair. Riley, Shiny and I would dominate every week. For scripting Downsider, Shiny, and I would for that too. Pretty much Shiny is going to win everything.

I think I’m just going to start opting out of the contests.

How about shiny becomes a judge :0 His the best at everything (apart from scripting-that goes to downsider) I rekon a judge would be better, especially from someone who’s mature and fair minded. It would stop spooon and any others from giving themselves votes.

Whats this weeks? Im leaving to go out of town today, and would like to enter before I leave.

What happened to this I wanna do more.

Ill help, but if I do, will that prohibit me from entering? If so, I don’t want to help so I can enter.

Skype me.

start this back up i need motivation to make more graphics

Yer I think its a fun thing. So I agree with mirage :slight_smile: nice bump

whts the next one i wanna start :slight_smile:

There is no next one for now, if there is riley will tell us (I hope)

what about every one has to make a chair that it made of wood :slight_smile:

Weapons or monsters, so that way we have motivation to make something useful.

A food item, any food item to be exact. I had cake in mind but any food would be alot funner =P

Make it something specific with special parameters and limitations set.

Stone pillar
min 32x48, max 48x80 pixels (width x hight)
16bit color

Drawing a stone pillar would be cool :slight_smile: I go for this idea! I do think we should have a colour limit , size limit is fair enough though.

every has to make a Hat with the theme Halloween
this time give them a little more time some hats can take a while :slight_smile: