GR site seem faster?

I think it’s a bit faster from before.

it is

It’s way faster now.

NEW SERVER!!! how cool

is GR irc down?

What server are you connecting too? on the default port of 6667 works fine but nickserv services seem to be down right now.

We haven’t had nickserv for ages. Had some issues with it dropping accounts for inactivity even when they were active and so on. I just won’t bother with it. Efnet isn’t using any services and that works well.

I’ve been going through the forums trying to make the entire style match with the other half of the forum (like some things are default vbulletin, while others are part of graal reborn).

I know theirs a few people who do graphics here, so if they wouldn’t mind maybe possibly making new buttons for things (ex. Reply to Thread) etc… the blue buttons around would be cool.