gr12 programming class

so yeah I told the programming teacher about what I did during homeschooling to see if I could get into a grade 12 programming class. Turns out the stuff I did on here is basically what they covered up to grade 12 at my school. Go figure.


This made my day.

My school’s programming course was so poor that I spent 95% of my time correcting the teacher.

I had the same with my OS teacher. She knew nothing and just read by the book. It ended up with me helping teaching the class with another student, which gave me A+ in that class. Pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

My teachers were smarter than me :frowning:

i used to use computer class to catch up on sleep.

Pretty much the same thing I did last term, it was on Java which I’m already pretty much fluent in so I slept nearly every lesson and got straight A+'s. The teacher hated me hahaha.

I hear the programming course at our school is so easy that 95% of the time you can just play games while you wait for idiots to catch up

That’s what I did. Also Graal.

My school has the shittiest computer lab ever. They’re apps computers that have been basterdized to only have 1GB of RAM so they’re the slowest damn things on earth. The default browser doesn’t work either and we can’t install programs, or even update flash. The mice and keyboards are also tethered tpgether sp if you need to change a mouse youre pretty much fucked. I have two separate classes both using those computers, so I’ll be dealing with this all year. My friend is in the first IT class and he said they haven’t even got to coding, they’re using scratch.

Just bring a laptop

I don’t own one, but it might be a wise investment. The other problem is that most sites are blocked like mediafire and all of the useful websites. Even math tutorial websites are blocked.

Proxy around the blockade

I don’t have this “IT class” you speak of…
I go to a damn French School, our Technology teacher has a Bachelors in Photography.

My teacher gave me the absolute lowest passing grade in the class (65). He called my house to tell my parents that I was going to fail the class next marking period. I just showed my father his website and he pretty much laughed in his face and wanted to know why he was failing me when everything I did was completed and perfect…

fun fun 9th grade… never enough lessons on how to use microsoft office.

update: I’m so far ahead of the class that it’s fucking hilarious

I am also in an IT class, I’m supposed to learn how to make stupid stuff on the computer. The teacher wants us to use scratch, but it seems like its for little kids. What would be a language I should pursue, I’ve already kinda tried Python and understand it. Would Java be a good option? I kind of want to mod video games and stuff.


Nah but in all seriousness, both Java and C# are the languages I’d recommend if you’re wanting to learn object oriented style programming. If you’re starting from scratch and have barely any programming knowledge, it might pay to learn a scripting language, such as JavaScript (not to be confused with Java).

With the new language standards of C++, such as C++11, c++ is surprisingly less complex than it used to be, so if that’s something you’re interested I’d recommend looking into it. The compiler setup is a bit fiddly when you’re trying to import libraries or write platform-independent code, but once you get the hang of that it’s a wonderful language to program in.

For a solid grounding in programming theory, i’d recommend this book, by the creator of c++.

If c++ is too difficult for you however, I’d recommend looking into Java or C# to get a solid foundation of programming concepts before having to worry about things such as memory management.

Remember, choosing a language largely comes down to what you’re wanting to create. Personally, i’m largely programming games, so i’m more biased to c++ as I prefer to manage my own memory and resources. I use Mono C# for tools development, but Java is a perfectly viable alternative.

Use the language that best suits your needs.

My I.T class was the same, except we were forced to learn Visual Basic and the code we were supposed to learn never worked.
We all should have passed easily, but we all got middling grades because the exam questions were on correct syntax and such, we which we were never taught.