Graal 3d Era Unity Client leaked preview!

From unixmad at

[quote]We don’t drop the PC client at all.

We are working on a completely new client based on unity, the first project using this new client is a 3d version of Era. The new client will include new development tools, like a 3d map editor compatible with tablets.

In the meantime I don’t see reasons to spend time on releasing a new client, we don’t have any major bug: the disconnection bug have been fixed long time ago and was server side.[/quote]

So since Stephane or anyone else at GraalOnline/Toonslab cant code, who’s gonna make it? some outsourced indian coder that provides copypastad ripoffs for $20 . It will surely be a ripped off premade Unity package!

Alas I have delivered and have discovered the secret unreleased Graal 3d Era Unity Client! I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see what it is…

Why care about what unixfag does?

lmao if he makes a game this shitty he’d attract so many trolls and griefers to it

if he releases it on steam it will be fun to watch it get rejected

inb4 Unixmad tries to sue Steam

It would be great if Unixmad open sources Graal (the old version) once they release a new client based on Unity.

also will he give us $100 and reveal to us that he’s actually Albert Einstein?

As long as there’s even a shred of value in that client, he will never do that.

pure coincidence dusty is working on 3d graal right now?

Mind blown, is that mode 7 emulation that was mentionned earlier?
Is it working on 2.22?
How can it not lag!

ofc it’s not working on 2.22. It has that retarded arrow in the bottom right corner that is from 5.0 and beyond.

Honestly if he’s using Mode7 it COULD work.

God dammit beholder already did mode 7 in gs1

Oh wow you know Beholder did mode7. That totally changes things.

The difference is timing and location, which matters a lot more than novelty-- which is what Beholder was aiming for. GS1 is far more limited than Unity (should be obvious), and if we combine that with the casuals holding the mobile market, it’s much more potent than a bunch of pissed off teenagers trying to rebel against le unixmad boogeyman. Let me remind you that the terrible remakes of FF5 and FF6 sold very well on mobile, indicating consumers don’t give two shits about quality. That should already be pretty obvious if you take into account how many people we get coming in from iGraal compared to the PC version.


edit: inb4 “uh uh I was just talking about his version from Sentinel” which I’m pretty sure everyone in this thread knew about even 2ndwolf.

I have no idea what you’re talking about ygg.
I thought it could have been beholder’s mode 7 upgraded or something. But no.

I should look up packages on unity’s store, maybe it’s worth it and I can put together something worthwhile.

I should make a game if it’s that easy

It’s easy to make a shit game, especially a bunch of generic cobbled together Unity assets from the Unity store. It’s difficult to make a game anyone in their right mind would consider worth playing.

Anyways, 3D Era is not Graal anymore IMO, at least how I’d imagine Unixmad would do it. It’d just be a really shitty version of what’s already out there on steam.

poor spiker, it’s gotten that bad that Unixmad word is no longer good enough. This dude know about graal reborn?

" [TABLE=“border: 0”]
[TD] I’m just glad that Unixmad reads all these posts, but doesn’t do anything to help. I’m just convinced that nothing is being worked on, because why should we believe a statement coming from somebody that has made statements about releasing things in the past and they never happened.

		Can you give us ANY information other than just your word Unixmad?"

Unixmad is a habitual liar when are you going to learn?

Unixmad: Hey guys we’re working on something please stay.
Unixma 5 years later: still working on something please stay and give me money.
Unixmad 10 years later: Hey guys yeah I know what you said but hey we’re working on something new so please stay.
Unixmad at his most honest (never gonig to happen): ok you know I keep saying I’ll do something so you all stay. I just want easy money so I can continue to snort that snowy white goodness up my big french snout.

So eer hey what happened to that graal 3D game?

On that note you all want to make some shit games for steam?

I figured out that video must be of Ultimate FPS with a skin. It’s a highly popular FPS engine or something that’s for sale on the assets store. Very successful FPS thing. Costs 75$ now and was bought to distribute from an indie developper by some enterprise I know nothing of.

Second, I looked around the Assets store and it seems the most profitable for me and my capacities would be to create illustration packages or buttons packages. I’ve made some silhouettes, arrows and buttons since. I also read the agreement and going to read the guidelines. It really looks like easy money, given that that thing sells:!/content/49157

Will keep you guys informed on that matter.
Suggestions welcome.

Also, maybe there’s some taxes benefits in France for doing R&D and that it is why projects seem to start and die in the early stage… Game Boy Graal, Graal 3D… new world too maybe?


it literally says right in the vid that its a cheap game base + asset pack for sale

I have a data limit, but I already knew from what I gathered on this conversation.
Given I did visit the asset store to gather more information, I was simply giving precisions on the packs that might have been used and pursued in my own manner what was suggested about making games with Unity assets. Thus giving a follow up to Coat’s post and this thread in general that I believe is positive, contains new information and may stir further discussion in whatever way anyone could want to reply.

Sadly, I was answered with a vague correction on something my post implied.

Maybe something cheaper than 75$ might have been used, maybe there’s a minecraft like engine in that store… it looks like minecraft.