Graal Classic weapon NPCs

I didn’t really know where to post this so here it is.
A few days ago i stumbled across these forums, i used to play Graal classic
a LONG time ago, i played it until it went down.

So what i want to do is attempt to make a gserver very similar to graal classic
just for nostalgic value.

So i downloaded the 2gb DVD file and found a couple of graal classic levels.
After a lot of downloading of sprites and whatnot, everything looks mint perfect.
Except for the problem that the level packs only included VERY limited weapons (only a few like warp ring, bridshot and etc) and even though these came with the weapons, i cant find the images/sprites for them anywhere.

I am still learning how the gserver works and currently i only have basic knowledge of how NPC weapons work, what i want to request is the scripts and images/sprites for the weapons, or at least the images/sprites only so i can make the scripts myself once i know how, or at the VERY least…just the images for bruge’s bird =P.

I tried searching everywhere for these but found nothing, either they don’t exist or im just really thick =P.

If for some reason this is illegal, just a PM with the contents…or a warning is fine.

I can get all of the images if I have the time… I guess…

I would appreciate it greatly.

lol not ‘illegal’, carry on.

I could give them to you, but they won’t work. They had to be customized to work on an old gserver.

Well better stick with what i can get, even if it wont work, the scripts will direct me on how to i can recreate them properly in a proper format.

Link removed.

Wow, works perfectly, I thank you very much.
only problem is that it seems a lot of scripts are corrupt or something, notepad shows a blank entry and notepad++ gives me a bunch of NULs

That’s strange.

Very strange, because I had Marlon host for me and the server would crash at the tutorial quest.

the server DOES crash at the tutorial quest, aswell as when entering the dragon dungeon for the hammer, and crashed once at the bruges bird boss, other than that it works flawlessy, the server reads the scripts fine but notepad/notepad++ doesn’t, I don’t know if it’s only me but if possible can someone paste the contents of serverflags.txt?, the server reads it fine but i wish to edit it but cant for some reason.

For now i have dinky workarounds for the crashes =P

If you can, package all the files needed to crash the gserver into a .zip file and give them to me. Crashing gserver = bug that needs to be fixed.

here you go

transitioning from tyhmnewbexit3.nw to tyhmnewbexit4.nw causes the crash

Finally! When this is fixed, Graal The Adventure will be up and running 24/7.

I can’t wait for that.
ill make sure to play it 24/7 aswell :slight_smile:

Ugh. Not those levels again. I’ve already tried to figure out why they crash before and I couldn’t replicate anything. Can you create a new account and play up to the part where it crashes, then send the account.txt file, the levels that crash, and the level that leads into the levels that crash? Also, I’ll need any weapon that the account has accumulated by that time.

I’ll download the server and set it up, see if I can replicate the crash on that level. Will let you know Nalin.

I just figured out the crash happens right when you are done defeating all the monsters in “tyhmnewbexit3.nw”

Anyways heres the files you wanted.

It’s a zip zip :smiley:

yea oddly enough my current windows setup does that all by itself =P