Graal Copyrights

Where goes the rights of Graal?
Can we use legaly things like body.png/head0.png in other games?

Anything you create is instantly copyrighted. Vague rules about online stuff. I doubt it is a registered copyright though

I think he asks if anyone can use the default bodies and heads from graal in a own game.

The answer to that is no, but if you modify it enough it is yours and you can do whatever you like with it. However, how much alike it can be I have no idea. But since Graal used zelda as a base and is in the clear now. Compare the differences between zelda and graal.

This is only stuff I’ve heard though, so I might have the wrong idea.

LOL What copyrights? I’m pretty sure all copyright claims that they say they have are mostly bullshit.

Still, it could cause some issues.

I have no idea who actually owns or made the graphics but it’s actually NOT “Stephane Portha” , “Stefan Knorr” or any of the other “staff” GraalOnline, Cyberjoueurs, Eurocenter or whatever other names they use. Pretty much all the tiles, sprites and other graphics and sounds were ripped from other games such as Ragnarok online and stock graphics and sound effects libraries. "for example the graal dying sound and other sound effects can be heard used in Dragonball Z multiple times. Stephane Portha and Stefan Knorr ripped off the graphics and sound effects from Abuse, Bomberman, and every other game/clone they have ever tried to make and sell. You might be at a very small risk of being sued by someone, but it’s not Stephane Portha or the “official graal people”…

Those graphics have been around for so long that they are probably public domain now.

lmao, what’s that stock music from? :smiley: It’s just like that stupid graal classic overworld tune…

Pretty much the same as stef32.mid. It’s used in all of the ‘tiger-stone’ videos. Not sure what the song is or where it is from. I think Thor found the videos and he couldn’t find the song’s source.

Must be some old dutch stock video music or something that got turned into midi back in the days. Hilarious though! :smiley: I’ve seen this video before, but totally unrelated to Graal, and I didn’t actually notice this until you posted it here. /facepalm[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]It’s even too bland for those music identifying apps to be able to recognize it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t actually host any of those files and assume the players have them already or upload an image pack separately to on of those file hosting sites?

To answer your question, their is certain laws (depending where you are) which protect art and stock graphics. Most stuff on graal is user uploaded anyways, so it is technically free domain no matter what anyone says. as for using it with other games, you must modifying the picture from the original by about 80% i think. this includes color, diffusion of color, palette changes, etc.

though, since graal reborn is basically “a fan made zelda project” if you can get away with a little bit.

You cannot sell anything used within graal online, or graal reborn, as it is protected under royalties and other nonsense. This means you can play with most things, though it is looked down upon (EX: hex editors for old snes games, sprite ripping, sound ripping etc.) but for the most part, you can get away with a lot.

most communities run things under it as a community fan game.

a good example is

“What Is ZC?
Zelda Classic is a tribute to (what we think is) the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.”

some projects can get away with stuff like this. Graal Reborn is a pretty good example, as similar to zelda classics community, the engine has been…i dunno, i think the term is “reversed engineered”?.

if you do so choose to use the style of graal online, you are most definently aloud to do so, and distribute, sell, market, promote, and even hand in to XBLA if you wanted to. as long as its coded yourself, your own graphics, sounds, royalties on music, samples, etc.

if you wanted to use graphics and sounds etc from graal online as a base kind of thing. you are aloud to develop with it, use as a template, and create the bones of your game, but you cannot distribute content, sell, market, promote in a way that leads to sales etc without consent of the owner of these graphics.

if you chose to completely copy everything from code, gfx, sound, etc. and put it into your own core engine, and tweak it so you could sell it. you cannot, unless it is older software dating back i think its 10 years (do not quote me, you have to research this) and you improved on it. this also includes graphics, etc.

there is legal loop holes of course, i do not recommend you take them.

If you are really looking to do something similar to graal, and want to start a small project and possibly turn it into something big. you should do more research in general.

if you need pixel artists to create things, their is many forums and websites that offer portfolios and artists for hire. and many of them, do it as a home hobbie anyways (like most members on graal reborn)

for pixel artists, i suggest going to and checking in their section for pixel artists for hire. their is an amazing community of artist there, as well as game creators in general. Id love to bring them all over here to be honest, we would have so much original content coming out, we could take that ugly graal word out of our name and have something original haha

if you want programmers, check around by googling “game engines” and searching those communities.

good examples would be the unix engine developers, game maker developers, etc etc

with proper knowledge and research, all your answers can be answered. This community here, is for fan made projects supporting a nostalgic feel on an old game we played so much and made so much for.

I hope some of this information helped.

Keep in mind, make sure you do as much research for your area of the world. some places you can serve jail time, for even ripping off one graphic from a game. others, are fairly open to these concepts.

for fan made stuff. as long as you dont sell it, do not worry too much about it. Its when you start commerically distributing it, when you can run into some serious problems.

free is better anyways. look at our community for example :slight_smile:

Speaking of that, I met a guy on /v/ the other day who said that he was tasked with modifying all of the of the sprites to look different from Zelda when they switched the name. I should have spoken to him some more.

Stuff become public domain usually around 50 to 100 years after the creator’s death usually. `(length depends on country)
Appropriation of an already made piece is a tough ethical question in the world of content creation… it’s bound to be ever blurry.

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