Graal Editor deletes itself

My Graal Editor program deletes itself after about 2 minutes of my running it. I just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, and it’s never done this until I upgraded.

does your hard drive keep giving a message if it allows you to write to it or not? when i first put windows 7 on my computer it did and every once in a while something would get deleted. i think it happened to something about a week ago. might be the problem.

After I read the thread title I couldn’t help but think, “Epic.”

You spelled “deletes” deltes I think…

I think so too.

i knew it. being stupid is a detriment compared to obvious. this makes me glad :slight_smile:

are you using McAfee Firewall/Virus Scan?

Yes, I have McAfee 2010 installed. Real-Time Scanning caught it as a virus, so I turned that off, and it ran…but then deleted itself after 2 minutes of running…everytime.

there’s a problem with mcafee virus/firewall quarantining the standalone editor.

AdAware possibly also

The latest GraalEditor.exe from official Graal is detected as a virus by McAffe, I found out when I took my assignment to university and it deleted the GraalEditor.exe. I have an older GraalEditor.exe that is not classed as a virus that I can give you though :slight_smile:

Hah, they probably added some more shit to it to farm information or something.


Whhaaaat? They released a newer GraalEditor.exe? What changed? GraalEditor.exe has always been a hacked up 2.31 client. It is old tech. Did they update it to understand GS2 or something? I’m confused.

Nah. It just handles some GS1 serverside functions and runs a bit better. Same shit just a bit better. It’s basically the reason why Shiny uses onwall2 even though it’s serverside.