Graal NW to Array CSV Parsing Failiures

I thought I’d share my journey towards eventually creating a NW to TMX(tiled level editor)/JSON converter. Filled with horrible failures.
Currently attempting to convert the NW file into an array and display it.


seems your code takes only in consideration the upper left part of the tileset.
It’s obvious, I know… something somewhere’s not aware of the size of the tileset.

Have fun.

I am going to implement native support for TMX in my game engine. Graal, Zelda and NW files will automatically be translated to this when loaded and saved again. :slight_smile:

The level class will be abstract and load the information based on either the file-extension or the format signature in the file.

The NPC-Server will support loading TMX-files as well (GameEngine and NPC-Server shares the same level class) and translate to Graals format (if tile dimensions are 16x16 px, 64x64 tiles) :slight_smile:

Somewhere in the JS code, there’s a function to correctly map the tiles.
Hope this helps!

Does this mean support of multi-layered levels?

Yes, in our own client. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m glad that allowing you to seize my server has inspired you to actually work on all of this shit.