Graal Police

why can’t graal police be cool and try to catch cheaters by chasing them around until they catch em with nets?

why does real life police give tickets to people who cross the street?

Because jaywalking

im fucking serious

Because they’d rather be bitchy about details than do what would really make our world a better place.
The question was rhetorical.

Cops fined me for wearing no bike helmet. :gay:

graal police can’t fine you for anything. tricxta, you got scammed.

I don’t care if people hack or glitch on any server other than Bomber. :open_mouth:

Yeah, it’s not like it matters… they’re just spoiling the game for themselves.

Unless they’re holding a level 4 sword and have 20 hearts… then they’re just over powered.

Why are we even having this conversation, can’t we just say fuck the police and live with that?

You got fined for wearing no bike helmet? o_O Maybe I’m the only one that finds that odd.

In the early days of v1.2 Galen, Fuitad and some other staff and GMs actually attempted to make a fair and structured GP and staff system with rules and fairness.
But of course that didn’t last very long and wasn’t really applied. Kain, Nightlord, Sir Pickles and a few others were decent GPs back in the day.

I thought GP used to have that kinda stuff back in the day. I remember seeing nets get used

Yeah, GPs had nets. Might not have been on Classic, though.

I remember watching someone get netted in MoD Town once. It was kinda funny.

I have vague memories of seeing people get netted in level14.

Can remember people being netted on Classic in the Angel Clan area on 1.38.