Graal Reborn = Graal?

I’ve decided to come back and check out Graal Reborn after someone on Graalians said “or just play Graal Reborn”.
So I am confused. just making an assumption that Graal Reborn is a different game(?).

  1. Is this a different game? Like separate from PC Graal and ios Graal?

  2. Do they support browser/FB gameplay? Like iClassic

  3. Do you guys support Mac?

  4. Is this game owned under by Unixmad?

Imma get on pc tomorrow and try to download this game.
btw this forum lags for me, so i couldnt browse much.

no yes no kinda no sorry

This isn’t some “new and improved” version of Graal. Actually to fit the analogy better it would be a “old and decrepit” version since the engine sits there with all its flaws, and the server software sits there with nobody really using it. If you want the Graal experience in full, you really wont be getting it here. This place is pretty much for the cranky oldbies to create play grounds on a game that hasn’t aged very well.

Can you repeat the question?

This is pretty much it.

Graal Reborn runs mainly on the 2.2.2 client version but can also use 2.1, 2.3.1 and other old versions. Graal Reborn is an unofficial free list server that lists other private servers/playerworlds and is not in any way associated with Unixmad or GraalOnline in fact the little french person randomly sends hilarious threat emails and tries to ddos things but fails, in fact if GraalOnline iPhone stuff is laggy it’s probably because the french moron is using the ping command using bandwidth and cpu directly from the linux server GraalOnline is running on to try and ddos this site, NekoRoy’s Graal site or some other Graal site or private server he dislikes. Unixmad really is an idiot, greedy moron and like an immature kid, even Stefan finally got smart and broke off his marriage to him.

Pros: It’s PC Graal, it’s free and you don’t have to deal with the bad attitude, immaturity and corruption of GraalOnline staff kiddies or an insane coked up frenchman that kicked out his only coder.
It’s not iPhone Graal and it’s typically not laggy.

Cons: It suffers the same lack of players and unorganization as PC Graal does.
Nobody cares about Graal anymore.

welp it says my acct is invalid and i tried to register, it links to this website.

"When you create an account, it doesn’t initially have access to the game client. To enable this access, you must go into our RebornHQ and click Change Password in the navigation section of the Control Panel.

Once you’ve done this, you can then log into the client with the same account name you use on the forums. The client can be downloaded through links in this thread.​"

Yeah there should be a giant message showing this at the top of forums for new members

alright i got it. im in

Unixmad doesn’t own any part of Graal; he doesn’t even work for Graal. I fired him. He was just some server admin, and took a bunch of people’s games; the game he profited from was my game, and I own most of the Graal Classic map as well.
But I didn’t sign any of these rights to him. Stefan signed a null and void contract to him using my content and stolen resources I presume, all from Zelda.
The name Graal therefore was attributed primarily to myself first, and the capital and trademark he has been accessing is purely illegal and obtained through the exploitation of funds having nothing to do with reality.
Let me put it this way; the ancient Israelites were black; they get taken into slavery and have babies. Those babies are still Israelites, they are not the nationality of the thief.

Unixmad doesn’t own a single piece of Graal because it belonged to me, and I still haven’t signed over any rights.

Your argument is so solid im surprised you havent taken it to court yet.

Yes, it makes a lot of sense, never thought of it that way.

>the ancient Israelites were black
just what the fuck am I reading here?

Think algebra. x=5 then y=x. y is x in a disguise.

It doesn’t matter what x represents,it’s used to make an example. Unless the ancient Israelites were somehow really black.

… ya lost me

Assume my cat is black. Give it to my mother, it’s still black.
Assume (something with any two attributes). Change one of both attributes. The unchanged attribute stays obviously the same.

Attribute 1 : being named x
Attribute 2 : being assigned a quantity of 5.
I create an object that inherits only attribute 2 of the preceding object. The fact that attribute 1 is different for both objects doesn’t change anything to attribute 2.

I made it and unixmad has it, it doesn’t change that I made it.
Attribute 1= who uses it
Attribute 2 = who made it

The fact that unixmad uses it doesn’t change who made it.

Finally, the Israelite story was just an imagery of the principle I’ve just explained.

I believe… anyway, wow what have I gotten into.

you drew a picture on your friend’s canvas with their art supplies and never stated you owned what you created on that canvas
then your friend gave the canvas with your art to someone else who made money off of it

do you fuckers seriously not understand how the law works?

I thought antago was being ironic. If I steal Photoshop off the internet, use their stock brushes and patterns, and then say “I made this” I’m not gonna get away with calling Photoshop mine. Even if I replace those stock resources with things I created, I can still only claim those as mine. I don’t know if I’m missing a joke.

I create something with photoshop, whether illegally or not, what I created is still totally mine.

I don’t need photoshop though to use what I made so I guess Graal could be a gray area.