Graal Reborn's Microsoft Finalist

My team (Sanguine Labs) and I made it through to the final round of the Microsoft Imagine Cup in Egypt!

This is our entry page.

If that doesn’t work, you can download the game here

All the flights and food are payed for by Microsoft… I am gonna eat and fly soo much!!!

Extra: To run the game you need… .NET 3.5, XNA 3.0, C++ 2005+ runtimes. (Maybe more :p)

Defile of Eden. That sounds a lot more like Graal than it should. LOL

It also looks a lot more like Graal than it should. haha

lol that’s deadly man!! Congrats. And good luck in the finals (take a picture infront of a pyramid for the forums, so i can live vicarious thru you)

awesome lol! Win that shit!

Post screenshots! :slight_smile:

There’s a Movie in the zip folder


Very cool, good luck to you and your team. :smiley:

Edit: After looking at the game, I wonder if there won’t be trouble since it so closely resembles Cyberjoueurs client… Obviously you added a lot and its impressive, but its still Graal tiles and everything :open_mouth: