Graal Source not working?

I’m a noob at this, so this is probably a stupid question. I’m trying to test this on Debian Lenny, and when trying to grab the source from the Google Code repo, it tells me hxxp:// doesn’t exist and when I try and visit that URL in a web browser, sure enough I get a 404. I ran the command Google Code gave me too:

svn checkout hxxp:// gs2emu-read-only

The .zip contains the .exe so I’m assuming the source isn’t in there and it’s only the binary for Windows. So to wrap this all up, how can I build this on Debian Lenny?

remove trunk/ from the url
That is the full URL to the gserver2 source code.

I assume you noticed the url contains a hxxp:// instead of http://?… i really hope you did!..
i checked the url and it contains the source the BIN folder contains pre compiled things, the others the sources etc…

When you extract the source, go into the build folder. Double-click either build_codeblocks.bat or build_vs2008.bat, depending on if you are using code::blocks or Visual Studio. It will create a project file that you can open. Next, you have to tell code::blocks or Visual Studio where to find boost. After that is done, you can build the gserver. The .exe file will be placed inside the bin directory. The bin directory contains all the files necessary to use the gserver.

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