Graal Type Weapons

I challenge someone to a weapon design contest muaha!
Got the boring idea from Seraph and his “Sig Battle” lol
Might as well bring someone’s graphics into the Graphic section besides me and Sublime.

Also the older graphic people who don’t post too much. lol

Melee type weapons, or fantasy projectiles.
No Guns/Modern type you know. lol
Original work, nothing that’s on Graal Online or some other game.
Creativity! lol

Anyways, here’s my simple entry. A ring weapon.

You don’t have to set it up this way, even one aspect of it would be enough. I mean “View”.
Like this I mean xD

Good luck? xD

here’s my weapon only one sprite :cool:

btw I got lazy drawing the whole thing out and shading it with a shitty mouse so I know there are some problems with the wheels and shading in some spots but it was a quick fun drawing and im not going to edit it XD

Not bad :stuck_out_tongue:
It does say Melee :smiley:
Also fantasy projectile, that would be the stone, not the catapult. Muahahahaha

you could push it down a hill and it would be a gnarley melee weapon haha
alrighty then heres the “fantasy projectile”

Nicely nicely.

Now someone besides me and Sublime post something!! Rawr xD

Here is my melee weapon its the holy glass mace of socal >_<

that catapault, a more detailed one would go good with my medieval themed world >_> mostly for decoration at the castle

I’ll do some freebie requests just forum pm me…