Graal v6.113 or something

sooo… dont know where else to post and who else to ask. i cant post on the graal forums, and i cant register even though there is a topic that says i could… [email protected] doesnt reply since weeks, [email protected] doesnt even seem to exist…
soo. this is the only somewhat active looking forum or anything i found related to graal.

the new client thing doesnt work for me at all. first its like this for some seconds (way longer than before.):

and after that its just blackness forever. just nothing. trying to open options or playerlist does nothing. waiting for half a day does nothing either, since i tried. tried installing it in the previous folder, elsewhere, and to the place it gives originally. tried it on an other user profile.
tried cleaning every registry that was related to graal(or at least had “graal” somewhere).
the only time it worked was when i tried it on an other computer. it also had windows xp, probably wasnt better in hardware and especially software than mine.

soo… i would be grateful if anyone could help with this.

and also… v6 ruined the past years for me too, since its so much worse than the previous versions.
would it be possible to have a working v5 again? everything worked perfect with it.
and since this graal reborn thingy seems to be about backwards engineering clients and things too, couldnt someone make it happen instead of people complaining on the official forums and noone caring?
or couldnt someone ask them somehow to make the past clients usable again?

if anyone wants ,i can specify why v6 ruined graal and everything.
wells, thank you all for reading.

OpenGraal/Graal Reborn is not affiliated with GraalOnline or v6 at all and quite frankly we don’t ever want to be.

OpenGraal is free, fair use and open source private servers. To my knowledge the newest client OpenGraal supports is 2.3.1 .

GraalOnline is dying and on the way out and to that I say good riddance! These bugs with v6 will never be fixed since GraalOnline’s founder and sole programmer Stefan Knorr was kicked out by the dishonest french manager Stephane Portha several months ago. GraalOnline is essentially running on autopilot with server db errors and loads of unfixed compounding issues. Don’t expect anyone to listen or care at GO/Toonslab/Whatever.

I’m pretty sure we had a cracked v5 client laying around somewhere, it might be in the dvd.

I hated everything that came after the v4 client. I thought that was the best.

Yeah honestly after v4 everything went down the drain. They started introducing spectator every hour and stuff like that. I had basically gotten sick of playing Trial Graal but at that point I was sure I was done. Couldn’t afford a subscription so I had to do other things.

v4 client was so cool though

If a windows XP machine can run it, try running it in windows XP compatibility mode…

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Also, I suck at these things but does anyone know whether resetting the DNS cache could help?

It comes to mind like something possible.

I can say with 90% certainty that the problem is a combination of bad/broken coding and breaking down servers of which Unixmad and other existing staff have no ability to fix. The funny thing is this incompetence is being exploited by some script kiddie wannabes to make up silly stories to get attention. I can point out with 100% certainty that graal is not being ddosed and everything about this kids story is a story he made up. Graal’s lag, bugs and server issues are due to a bad client combined with a unmaintained server/db that’s starting to fail on it’s own.

uum… im also using windows xp. so its kindof the same as the other one it worked on.

aand i tried flushing/resetting/deleting the cache, and still doesnt work(the DNS cache).

actually, i dont know anything about Stefan being kicked out or anything. i thought he just quit by himself.
so i guess unixmad is the only one working on anything? is there any way to contact him besides the forum i cant register on and the non working emails?

and i also think i had v4 before, if it was possible to use until everything was disabled besides v6, since the folder is named Graal4 and i dont remember any update or such until v6 was forced…

also, i dont think graal is dying. or shouldnt be, if they hadnt screwed up the clients, the servers and a lot of things (or how to say it hypothetically).
all they would need to do is return to where/when things worked. for example, if they didnt touch anything ,i could still be playing. and even if i could, v6 is almost unplayable for me anyway (some reasons why:

and i know this forum and things arent really related to graal online, but as i wrote, there werent many other options for me. sorry… and thank you all =o

honestly I don’t know what to say dude. The fact that you care so much about this game makes me laugh cause honestly it’s been dead for years now. Get your head out of Graal and do something else. Play a better game.

I don’t know how anyone could have possibly gotten attached to the v5 client.

I can’t believe that graal is so bad that support requests are spilling over to gr.

Wait… what happened? Is there some post on this??

What ever happened to Sklyd?

No “official statement” per se. but what happened is obvious, the fact is that Stefan is gone and probably not coming back.

From James205 at TheUGCC forum “gotta sign up to view posts”

[quote]Essentially Unix and Stefan had a falling out (most likely instigated from Unix).

  • Stefan was removed from Graal
  • Speculation from users that he is now gone, GO (unix) denied it
  • Logs on showed unix removing user stefan and any info about him
  • Unix “updates” GO forums
  • During this magic update Stefan’s account was renamed to “Admin”
  • Stefan changed linkedin info, removed his graal FB
  • Stefan has now admitted to no longer being involved with Graal
  • GO staff basically avoiding the conversation as per usual[/quote]

A comment from Nico Vimes

[quote]I can confirm all of that, he did the same to alot of people, including me.
Because I started a project with his former “partner” Stefan Knorr, he started to ban my account on the Game Graal Online completely.
This guy is dangerous, and I hope he will get what he deserves very soon.[/quote]

I have no idea…

Wow this is pretty big. I never thought 2015 would be the year I see Graal Online finally die.

it’s been on autopilot for so long

That’s crazy, can’t believe Stefan has left graal. Wonder what he has been up too.

but it had to be his own decision to quit anyway… even if he was forced somewhat. or someone was in a higher position than him?
so, unixmad is the same person as this Stephane Portha?
actually, i did notice the graal online website was changed. now it only says his name everywhere. even in the title
(and i think the online counter just shows a random number. was it that way before?)

and i think if people still want to play, its not dead. but it was fucked up. wouldnt you, who played graal online before, want to play again if it was like back then?

anywais. i pmed this person(this email address): [email protected]
does anyone know who this is?

If it were like back then? Nope. If it WERE back then, then yeah. I’ve got way better pastimes than Graal now though.

I just went on the iphone servers - classic had almost 4k, era had roughly 3k, zone had about 800, and ol west was about 300? Still more popular then it ever was, and probably more profitable

That’s a lot of players!
Is that really a sinking GO?..