Graal Video of the Week #1

Welcome to the first Graal Reborn Video of the Week competition. This is where you post exciting videos that best meet the theme of the week in a battle for greatness or something. The prize is the opportunity to choose the next theme.

[B]Theme: How to use Staff Boots

1: Must convince the panel of skeptics that Staff Boots are a meaningful asset to development on Graal Reborn

Have all submissions in by March 24th, and The polls will open on Sunday March 25th.

Edit: embedding the video doesn’t seem to work…

Your video is broken. :frowning:

not even the link at the bottom of my post worked?

That did. It wasn’t there when I posted.

Why did i do this?
Best viewed in 240p.

Sorry tricxta, Onijustin’s was hilarious. The exaggeration was great. “not a virus.nw”… lol.

wow I think I just went back in time watching that

flawless execution.

Consider me convinced.

Does a gif count?

Onijustin was born a natural entertainer, I never stood a chance.

yes, except you forgot to power up to ssgss ultra instinct.

I knew I was forgetting the ssggs Made smooth double tap. Just playing around. SWGO ETA is 3-4 weeks. Then we dbz more

I will try to make one tonight after work

lol. Cool.

finished my epic VID

Cool text editing, but… wasn’t there meant to be some kind of justification about why staff boots should exist?

Was going to do one of like a scrub getting harassed/PK’d over and over and abusing staff powers… Much like I used to, but couldn’t be bothered lol. Got to put my animation code to use once again also, which is good :slight_smile:

No audio. Forgot to set it up lol.

you can use it to go around really fast…
to get around the BIG map

ya but you can ctrl click on the map to warp