GraalControl-like GUIs

A video:

A shop:

A features list:

-Scalable width/height
-Background images
-Background textures

To-do list:

-Dropdown menus
-Number only textboxes
-Correctly sorting depth for multiple windows
-Custom skins

I was working on this for a few days and then got bored, decided to release it.

Might continue, might not, but thought it was pretty cool and am using it on my server at the moment.

Editor coming soon…? Maybe? I have no clue :smiley:

Download below… Gives you an example script, it’s pretty easy to figure out. It’s also very hard to get to look good, without an editor, at least.

Btw, in that example, I’m aware of the glitches, like buying .1 bombs or -1 bombs. It’s an example on the GUI system, not how to make a shop.

Damn, that hot!



Thank you, kind sir.


Very Nice.

pretty cool, thanks for sharing


I made the shop after that one because the first one didn’t seem to show anything off.

Great job downsider its fantastic.

Why, thank you, GULTHEX!

Has been awhile since you posted this, have you made an updated version?
Would be cool if dropdown support existed

I remember adding dropdown support, actually, but I have no clue where it would be on my PC.

find | grep or

It’s somewhere between new1.nw and new483.nw


good thing is that nws are text files so if you have any editor (Notepad++ for example) that can search in text you should be able to find it :smiley:

I downloaded this to kinda figure out GUIs. I think I almost had an aneurysm :0


im going to use this on Butts

So I found the level with dropdown support. It’s clearly not done, so I went through and have it working for the most part now. I think I want to write a proper editor for them before I do anything else, though.

Forgot to mention that I just reinstalled Windows and didn’t back up anything Graal related. This post is now a lie.