forums down

I’ve been a member of Graalians for a while and I just would like so put out there that it is down. If anyone knows a new website that it was or a new web address please inform me. Thanks.:blue: is not down. It’s still there.

Whoever runs graalians is a noob

Nope. Look. It says (quoted from the website ‘’ expired 12/14/13 and is pending renewal or deletion. Check again. The website can be bought, or Rufus can just pay it again.

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Try again. Cause I am ALWAYS right. Who runs these forums anyway? It kinda doesn’t make sense.

Last post is confusing to me

lel dead xd

LOL Rufus can’t do shit but suck money from worthless teenagers.

On that note, the site is back up.
Whoever owned the domain finally decided to cough up.

It’s hard to get 10 dollars when you don’t have a job.

What kind of lazy inexperienced boob lets their domain expire before renewing it? Rufus never was the brightest lightbulb… The only other Graal guy to make that mistake was Owl Shimy with and we all know who took that site…
I am a bit surprised Unixmad or someone else didn’t step in and register the domain for himself.

I think somebody deleted the website. lmao

p.sure Graal Reborn has had this problem before.

Delete your cache, noob.

The domains won’t be a problem for another couple of years.

“’s expiration date: 08-Sep-2018 00:04:30 UTC”

I can’t believe they let it expire. If you’re serious you usually pay for a couple of years beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it.


“Poker Face”

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