GraalOnline censors the GOPRIVACY movement


The GoPrivacy movement was founded by Talbourn after being banned for this post on

I joined his movement about 11 days after he created it, and let him host his GoPrivacy files on

We decided to mass advertise the movement and create a bunch of short links that would redirect to

Here is an image of us advertising some of the links:

All of the words contained in the URL’s were censored, followed by the words “Exposed”, “Corrupt” and “Exposing Graal”

Evidently, Graal doesn’t want this information getting out to the people so Talbourn made a WordPress for the GoPrivacy movement, It can be found at


Unixmad also indirectly threatened us with legal action, using one of his strange aliases “Elder”, per the following messages over Discord:


He later joins on his main account after leaving on his “Elder” account:


Alright so another thing, he’s currently ddosing the website.


I read part of the thread by antago on that zelda fan community forum… I’m still shocked by his craziness.

Anyway, what are you guys trying to achieve?
Also, knowing Graal has issues on privacy, why doesn’t anyone file a complaint to the authorities? I think getting banned on a forum run by the owner of Graal Online for asking about transparency is already good enough for authorities to pay attention to Graal Online. And maybe we’ll see its downfall?

Your movement is useless if it’s just about getting people to talk about it. It’s not like we’re trying to ban straws or plastic bags here, it can only get more people banned. Really, someone implied should report Graal Online
Best of luck.


We encourage all new members to file reports to the Google Play/Apple store, my theory is if iGraal goes down, so does the rest of it. They buy too many servers when they only need 2-3. It’s too expensive to run, and when Stephane runs out of money the Facebook servers will go down as well.
I submitted a tip, nothing happened.


Fake news…


That information is not presented within any of the mobile games, therefore it does not apply according to Play Store guidelines.


He’s back with more threats, and denying he is himself. Who does he think he’s fooling?



He’s admitted to being Unixmad



I told Talbourn he would probably get banned for that post.

The “movement” is stupid and isn’t going to do anything but get kids banned. The only way for Unixmad to learn that he needs to treat his staff and players better is by everyone leaving the game.


unless he bans everyone