GraalOnline Server

Hey guys, I bought a server for GraalOnline. If you wanna come on and fuck around and/or help me, its Dev r3ckless. :slight_smile:

P.S Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

you should name it graal reborn. so gr can have an official g server.

haha i will if they let me

Don’t you have to be Gold to access those dev servers?

who would want to pay to play half built, shitty servers?

You can go on UC servers with trial and Classic accounts, but you have observer mode.

Got the server renamed to Rastafaria. And yes, you can play Hosted servers with trial, but you have your 4hours free time, and when that is up you start entering observer mode every so often.

4hours a year. Such a gift.

Ha. I remember back when Graal Online servers like Babylon actually cared about their users, including trials, and made loopholes for trials to save their items and data and stuff.

Till the Globals made us take it down. =/

I did a bunch of surveys and shit on SuperRewards and got enough Gelats for a Gold Subscription

I got threatened to be banned by some otto fag on rasta, twas funny shit.

Otto works on so many servers. Stowen is an idiot.



And he was admin’d

Server sucks, nothing Rastafarian at all. The only thing I noticed was the Grasaria icon looked like cannabis.

nah he was going to help me with custom profiles for the GUI, but became busy with Era

lol noob