How would I go about making a code to make ruppees work with the gralats class script. So that when you drop them, they stack the amount and show the gralat gani.



Your avatar inspired me to play Prinny. It’s quite good.

Can I has be an hero now?

It’s a hard game… I think.

:slight_smile: Yeah It’s pretty good. I’m looking forward to Dark Hero Days this Fall.

Or rewrite the player drops in GS1. Which means rewriting all the movement stuff :J

I dunno, but this seems simple to me xD

Then do it.

Like rupees stack on top of each other? Yeah, I see how that could be done without an NPCServer.

Then do it.

Ugh, the concept I had was sound, but in this version of Graal you can’t move the items[] array, similar to the players[] array not working.


I can do a total rewrite instead, I guess. Yeah I’ll just go for it.


I am, and you know of this, too.

yeah it’s a forum thing